Manjit's Kitchen reveals location of brand new restaurant

Manjit Kaur at work at Manjit's kitchen in Leeds Kirkgate Market in 2018.
Manjit Kaur at work at Manjit's kitchen in Leeds Kirkgate Market in 2018.

Manjit's Kitchen has revealed the location of their brand new restaurant.

The hugely popular Manjit's Kitchen will be taking over Cooky's Indian Restaurant and Takeaway at number 333 Kirkstall Road.

Manjit Kaur, the owner of the Indian street food stall, which has been in Kirkgate Market since 2015, shared the exciting news on Twitter.

She said: "This is the property we are taking over on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds. Number 333.

"Needs loads of work but we should be able to get it back up and cooking... am very very excited and very very frightened..."

This is not the first time Manjit has tried to expand the business.

Plans to move into a different location, also on Kirkstall Road, fell through in March when the team could not reach an agreement with the landlord.

At the time she shared an update saying it "wasn't meant to be."

She said: "The lease we have been working on has fallen through. We uncovered a problem with the electrical supply and couldn't reach an agreement with the landlord. We tried. So we are back to the property search.

"We are wiser on commercial leases, and have lost some money on legal fees. But it wasn't meant to be. So we are back looking for properties, partnerships or creative ways to find a property."

In October Manjit, from Chapeltown, successfully raised more than £40,000 towards the cost of setting up the new restaurant via a Kickstarter campaign, whereby supporters are given rewards such as free meals and cookery classes once the business opens.

She began her business by cooking Indian food for delivery from her kitchen at home back in 2010, before converting a horsebox to take to festivals and weddings with her husband Michael.

Manjit's cuisine has even won a BBC award for street food, and in May 2018 she was invited to serve food from her horsebox at Manchester City's end-of-season party, where she snapped a selfie with Nicolas Otamendi.