Look at life, love and the world in a new light at one of Harrogate's best nights out

Philippa PerryPhilippa Perry
Philippa Perry
The thinking person’s night out with a difference, Berwins Salon North TED-style talks promises to make you look at life, love and the world, in a new light.

Presented by Harrogate International Festivals on Thursday April 4 at the Crown Hotel, three expert speakers invite you to explore, What Makes You Original?

Psychotherapist Philippa Perry has spent years putting people ‘back on track’.

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Her wise words often feature in the pages of the Guardian, thanks to her insights on everything from pets highlighting your mental health issues, (ask someone how they are, ‘fine’, ask how the dog is, ‘Oh the dog is depressed’), to why parents shouldn’t despair with her manual, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did).

Perry is renowned as a psychotherapist, author, journalist and TV presenter, and is the wife of artist, Grayson Perry. She takes to the stage to help navigate conflict with those closest to us and to detangle our tangled attachments.

Journalist and author Rose George has worked in New York, Rome, Paris and Venice on publications from the New York Times to the London Review of Books, with an accidental one-day spell as a war correspondent in Kosovo. An award-winning author, her latest, Nine Pints, explores the science, politics, stories and global epidemics behind blood.

Blood restores life, yet the sight of it makes people faint. It can be medicine and poison and a commodity pricier than oil. Each one of us has roughly nine of it, yet many of us don’t know our blood type. Rose takes you on the fascinating journey of the fluid that courses around our bodies.

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Last to the stage is one of the UK’s leading philosophers, Dr Julian Baggini. Author of many books on philosophy and happiness, his latest is How the World Thinks. Profound and highly entertaining, Julian will expand your mind explaining how different philosophies underpin styles of thinking around the world - and how a greater knowledge of the ways others think is an essential first step to a better understanding of ourselves.

What Makes You Original? Thursday April 4, 7.30pm, The Crown Hotel, Harrogate. Tickets £16, Box Office: 01423 562 303 or book online: harrogateinternationalfestivals.com