These are this year's top Christmas trends within our homes

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With so many different ways to choose to decorate your home, tree or festive table, cook Christmas dinner or wrap presents, definite trends do emerge.

here are some of 2021's top Christmas home trends according to Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok social media platforms.

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White Christmas trees

With a combined total of 2,566,517 appearances across Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, white Christmas trees are huge this year.If you want to switch up the traditional tree with something more modern, snowy white could be the way to go.

Rustic Christmas decorations

The rustic Christmas decoration trend appears 1,409,503 times in total across the three social media platforms in an index used by researchers, making it the second most popular trend this year.

Christmas table decor

The focus is also on where we eat our festive feast, with ‘Christmas table decor’ posted about 1,966,704 times across Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. If social media is anything to go by, your guests will be looking with interest at your table decor, whether traditional or modern.

Christmas trends according to Pinterest

Pinterest is all about aesthetics, nice-looking photos, and the hottest trends happening at the moment. As a result, there is a great deal of inspiration there when it comes to Christmas decorations. The study found top trends on Pinterest were rustic decorations with 1,074,280 saves followed by minimalist decorations (1,023,675) and nature decorations (985,914).

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Christmas trends according to Instagram

From make-up trends to fashion influencing, this platform wields influence when it comes to deciding this year’s Christmas home trends. White Christmas trees were the most hashtagged on the app with 77,427 photos under the hashtag. This was followed by vintage ornaments (77,427) and sustainable Christmas (68,794).

Christmas trends according to TikTok

Individual hashtags on TikTok can rack up millions of views easily, and Christmas trends are just one example. The biggest Christmas home trend on TikTok is sustainable Christmas with 2,600,000 videos under the hashtag. Similarly, white Christmas trees remain popular on TikTok with 2,200,200 video views under the hashtag, followed by tree collars (2,000,000 videos).

This year’s stand-out Christmas home trends

Minimalist Christmas

It may be especially popular on Pinterest, but minimalism has become a year-round trend. Taking this theme into Christmas will give your home a clean and effortless style. Just use small trinkets or signature pieces, keep everything in the same colour scheme, and don’t overdo the bling.

Sustainable Christmas

It’s no surprise that sustainable decorations have become popular. With more emphasis on being eco-friendly and doing all we can to protect the environment, making small changes to sustainable versions of well-loved decorations is easy. You can combine with the ‘nature decorations’ trend to great effect.

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Rustic and traditional decorations

There are many trends that hark back to more traditional, rustic Christmases. With natural materials, classic decorations and cosy atmosphere, this style is perfect for an intimate and memorable family Christmas with the family. Pop on an old Christmas film and enjoy...

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