These are Fearne Cotton's secrets for making 'happy space' in your home

TV and podcasting star Fearne Cotton has opened the doors of her home to reveal how she injects every day happiness through her homewares, and explains how to pick vintage, new and pre-loved pieces
Fearne Cotton in her Yogi Calm GardenFearne Cotton in her Yogi Calm Garden
Fearne Cotton in her Yogi Calm Garden

From curling up with a good book in her reading nook to perfecting yoga flow in the yogi corner of her garden, Fearne curated her home sanctuary with a little help from eBay.

Her characterful 1850s home is a haven of calm, merging old with new to create a home that embodies all her personal tastes. Her two main happy spaces areThe Reading Nook and the Yogi Calm Garden.

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Fearne said: “I’m a massive home-body so for me it’s important that my house is a happy space where I can hang-out with my family, have some time to myself, and record my podcast.

Candles add soothing lighting and if scented, relaxing and pleasurable aromas.Candles add soothing lighting and if scented, relaxing and pleasurable aromas.
Candles add soothing lighting and if scented, relaxing and pleasurable aromas.

"It’s hard for me to put my finger on my home style as I love so many different pieces and mixing and matching, so eBay really helps me express my creativity. I’ve found gorgeous vintage furniture items that tell unique stories, as well as some newer bright and colourful items that just make me smile.”

Fearne’s Reading Nook is a cosy space for getting comfy with a good book and a cuppa. Centre stage is a big velvet teal armchair. Accompanying the armchair are some colourful mood-boosting textured cushions and throws that evoke a sense of feeling loved and protected.

She added: “There are many ways a reading nook can improve your sense of wellbeing. Adding candles to a reading space will bring soothing lighting. Processing calming smells stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine to regulate mood, so lighting some while you read is a great way to de-stress.”

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She also chose some timeless pre-loved wooden side tables, as well as a vintage flamingo lamp to add character to the space.

A relaxing reading den furnished with candles and colourful soft furnishingsA relaxing reading den furnished with candles and colourful soft furnishings
A relaxing reading den furnished with candles and colourful soft furnishings

Greenery is key in Fearne's Yogi Garden - or at-home oasis. She’s created an ‘indoor outdoor’ area using lots of plants in neutral plant pots.

Choosing pieces made from natural materials like bamboo and rattan are a great way to feel more centered and connected to the earth. Fearne opted for a pre-loved refurbished rattan egg chair to act as a cocoon when meditating. She’s also added a natural jute handwoven pouffe and a little vintage wicker twist side table to complete the Yogi Calm set-up.

She explained: “Adding little decorative touches to a space is a lovely way to accessorise your home, but they can be functional too! For example, a water jug and glasses not only look nice but are pretty helpful when it comes to staying hydrated."

Key tips from Fearne when creating a happy space are;

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Spark Joy - From colour coding a bookshelf to supporting a small business through your interior buys, the joy of curating your space releases dopamine to make you happier. Take time when picking the pieces that you’re buying and, in the wise words of Marie Kondo, always ask yourself: ‘does this spark joy?’

Ritual Setting - Ritual behaviours enable us to manage daily life stresses, whether it’s a morning cup of tea or evening quiet time. Building and decorating spaces that allow you to practice your daily rituals are key in maintaining happiness and wellbeing.

Encourage Relaxation - Bringing relaxation into your home and life is a key proponent in reducing stress. There are lots of ways your interiors can help stimulate relaxation, for example scented candles and incense release calming smells that release serotonin to regulate your mood.

Tell a Story - There’s real gratification in finding a unique vintage piece that has a story to tell. eBay is a treasure trove of new, pre-loved and vintage pieces waiting to be scrolled upon. Shopping pre-loved is not only better for the planet, but better for your mood too as you’ll be adding something with character and history to your home, knowing you’ve helped extend its life-cycle.

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Colour Yourself Happy - Colours have been scientifically proven to affect your mood. When decorating a space you should always think about what emotions you want to evoke. For example warm colours like orange and yellow are associated with feelings of happiness, which is why I’ve incorporated it throughout my home.