Property news: Neighbourly benefits

Can living in a neighbourhood watch area really increase the desirability of a property?

Friday, 22nd August 2014, 10:16 am

Well, yes, it would seem so, quite a lot, according to new research by The comparison website found that 27 per cent of more then 2,300 people surveyed would prefer to buy a property signed up to a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or Home Watch network.

Comparethemarket said insights from insurance companies highlight that homes in Neighbourhood Watch areas can benefit from lowered house insurance premiums.

Helen Phipps, head of home insurance at said: “Moving into a new home can often be an exciting yet daunting experience. Our research has shown that stronger communities are high on people’s agenda when they are looking to move, and so being part of a Neighbourhood Watch area can really make a difference.”

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While one in 10 people admitting they can’t name a single neighbour, figures also show 65 per cent of people agreed their neighbourhood would be ‘a stronger community if people were encouraged to get to know each other better’.

Jim Maddan Chairman of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary said: “We’ve seen a real change in the structure of neighbourhoods over the years with people moving further away from their extended families and an increase in short term rental contracts.

This move can leave some people feeling lonely or unsupported, especially young families and the elderly, who hugely benefit from having a strong community and neighbours to rely on in times of need.”