Is it time to change old style into new home?

Same room but a whole new styleSame room but a whole new style
Same room but a whole new style
Before I started my decluttering home styling business, I had absolutely no idea how unhappy a lot of people are in their homes!

For some people I think that changing things in their home feels like a frivolity.

Spending money on their home seems to come right down the list as often other things are more important, or at least feel like they are.

For others, change is difficult to come to terms with.

Knowing when to refresh a room can give it a new lookKnowing when to refresh a room can give it a new look
Knowing when to refresh a room can give it a new look

We feel safe, surrounded by familiar things.

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But I believe that a lot of it comes down to fear. I had no clue that so many people were paralysed by the fear of getting something wrong.

I have spoken to so many clients who don’t know how to do things ... so they just don’t do them!

Whether it’s putting colour schemes together, picking paint colours, picking carpet and curtains or buying new furniture.

But guess what? That’s OK!

In your work life you are, or were, probably great at making decisions because you’re familiar with what you’re doing and are doing things that are within your skillset.

Everything to do with the home is emotional.

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It’s your home (even if you’re renting) created by you and the other people in your household.

And therefore all decisions made about the home are driven by emotions.

And that means making any changes can be ten times more difficult.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make.

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But, if you don’t keep up to it and keep investing in it, when the time comes to sell, you won’t get the best return on your investment.

But it’s not just about the monetary value.

Your family household evolves and changes over the years but quite often your home doesn’t change with it.

And that can lead to us being unhappy in our home because it’s not functioning as we want it to or it just doesn’t represent who we are anymore.

I’ve spoken to so many clients who have been wanting to change things for years, actively hated things in their homes for years or have put up with things for years, just because they don’t know how to change them.

They don’t know where to start.

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They don’t want to get it wrong. They can’t find the motivation. They can’t agree with their other half.

So what can we do?

Take a look at your house as if you’re somebody coming to view it.

Start outside and try to look at everything as if you’ve never seen it before.

Do you dislike your front door colour?

You can now paint PVC so you can do something about it, without having to buy a new door.

Go round the house and question everything.

Why is that piece of furniture there?

Would it be better somewhere else?

Do I really need it? Do I like that paint colour?

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Just because something has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it’s right for you now.

You can also make a start by getting rid of all those CDs and DVDs (unless of course you still have a CD or DVD player and actively use them – there are some people out there that still do).

By just making small changes, you can make a big difference to how you feel in your home.

And, for bigger changes, just ask for help!