How to style your abode inspired by your favourite Love Islanders

The taste of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - a cosy sofa bedThe taste of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - a cosy sofa bed
The taste of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - a cosy sofa bed

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At 9pm every night the voice of Ian Stirling booms though your TV. Tropical house music fills the room. Neon lights and palm trees a-plenty…you know the vibes.

Yes, we’re talking about Love Island - the iconic show that takes over our evenings for eight weeks at a time, where we quickly become obsessed with the suave singles competing for true love (and £50k, of course).

But, our island obsession often stems further than just one-hour per evening. From following the show’s stars on social media, to letting them influence our shopping habits once they’ve departed the villa – the Love Islanders are often a huge source of insight when it comes to creating and following trends – especially within our homes. Think of previous winner Molly-Mae and her interior impact – households up and down the nation have taken inspiration from her home content to create their own influenced spaces.

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So, which of this year’s islanders will prove to be the most influential when it comes to our interiors? With the Love Island final fast approaching (13th March) Swoon, the UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, has delved into the world of the 2023 competitors to discover the most persuasive couples who are sure to be inspiring the nation’s homes in the months to come.

The taste again of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - tasteful shelvingThe taste again of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - tasteful shelving
The taste again of Kai and Sanam from Love Island - tasteful shelving

Check out your favourite couple below to see how you should be styling your spaces this summer…

Kai and Sanam – were the 2023 winners!

After meeting each other in the drama-filled walls of Casa Amor, fan favourites Kai and Sanam have surprisingly managed to remain a fuss-free couple since their return to the Villa. With their compatible jobs, ‘mom friend’ vibes, and combined goofy sense of humour – Kai and Sanam are the ultimate wholesome duo.

If you are a fan of this cute couple, we think that keeping your abode clutter-free is the ultimate home hack you’ve been yearning for. Think bold bookcases to store your favourite stories (and textbooks if you’re anything like Kai and his three degrees), and stylish storage to keep your ever-expanding wardrobe at bay.

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Opulent Ottoman reflects the taste of Love Island contestantsOpulent Ottoman reflects the taste of Love Island contestants
Opulent Ottoman reflects the taste of Love Island contestants

Kai and Sanam are super caring and hospitable, so we expect their home to be nothing less. Invest in a cosy sofa bed to cater for your endless guestlist, and a chic ottoman stacked with home comforts like clean towels, mini-toiletries, and warm blankets to make sure every guest feels at ease. Sanam loves to rock a pastel colour palette, so why not choose a soft mint green or peachy pink tone to welcome your esteemed visitors to?

Ron and Lana

Being the first official couple of the villa, Ron and Lana have earned their space as one of the Villa’s strongest couples. Despite their tumultuous journey with some of the islanders doubting Ron’s motivations, the duo recently became official, sparking thoughts of how life will be on the outside for the two lovebirds.

If you have fallen for ‘Rana’, we think your abode needs a tonal refresh. Both Ron and Lana are bold, sweet, and cheeky personalities, lending themselves perfectly to a punchy colour palette – just like Lana’s eccentric wardrobe on the show. Bright magenta, lime green, and vivid blues blend extravagantly together to create a sassy yet stylish display in any space – making sure the centre of attention is exactly where you want it to be. Consider adding these hues through statement furniture pieces including suave sofas, chic curtains, and even a ravishing rug for the ultimate sensational spectacle.

Stylish furniture reflecting the taste of Love Island contestantsStylish furniture reflecting the taste of Love Island contestants
Stylish furniture reflecting the taste of Love Island contestants

Will and Jessie

As far as unconventional couples go, farmer Will and personal trainer Jessie are top of the list. With the rural farmer falling for the Australian bombshell, talks have already turned to life outside the Villa – and moving in with each other!

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If you are rooting for Will and Jessie to take the crown, we bet your home is full of sentimental accessories. From family photos to beach-combed shells and tourist titbits from your globe-trotting adventures – you love to make memories and fuse them into your interior for the most personal display. Will and Jessie have very different lives outside of the villa, so the blending of both of their belongings is sure to build a bustling array of ornaments and embellishments.

Farmer Will loves to rock neutral colours in his wardrobe, and we’d take a bet that his abode has a similar colour palette. Chocolate brown, beige, taupe, khaki, and cream work together to create a calming, organic atmosphere in any room – helping to bring even the most extravagant ornaments back down to earth. Consider implementing a rattan wooden headboard into your boudoir, paired with complementary mango wood bedside tables and soft low-level lighting. Sounds romantic…

How to get the Love Island look

If the islander’s aesthetics don’t quite meet your own, why not take some inspiration from the Villa’s vibe itself? From pops of bright neon to crisp whites reminiscent of sun-drenched Greek islands – the Villa is expertly designed to exude fun, frivolous, and flirtatious vibes. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend copy and pasting the Villa’s super bold and bustling décor into your abode, we can certainly suggest taking a few hints and tips from the interior stylings to embellish your home.

The iconic interview room (otherwise known as the beach hut) is the perfect example. With its classy yet calming love seat, rustic wallpaper, and ocean-toned throw pillows – this stylish set up is easy to re-create in your own abode.

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Senior designer at Swoon, Sam Greig, said: “A love seat is the ideal seating solution for couples to cuddle up together to watch the islanders antics from – as they are intimate, yet still comfortable and chic. To style your love seat like a true Love Islander, I love the idea of adding coordinating throw pillows and blankets to make your ‘together time’ even more cosy, utilising ocean hues and neon tones to create a villa inspired aesthetic. If you love romantic warm shades, why not opt for a burnt orange love seat, and pair orange-toned accessories for the ultimate lounging setup?

“If you are looking to downsize your sofa to free up space in your abode, a love seat is also the ideal alternative. With all of the benefits of your usual seating arrangement in a handy pocket-sized substitute – what’s not to love (seat)?”

So, with the lights dimmed low, candles lit, love seat ready to lounge from, and remote at the ready – all that’s left is to decide which couple you’re voting for…

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