Here are the most overcrowded areas of Leeds according to the 2021 census with Holbeck and Gipton North near top of list

12,777 homes in Leeds are overcrowded, 2021 census data shows.

They are among more than one million households across England and Wales with fewer bedrooms than they need. The national figure is barely changed from the previous census a decade before. Overcrowded homes are those with fewer bedrooms than needed for the number of occupants.

Anyone over 16 or single parents are expected to need their own bedroom. Couples living together, pairs of children under 10 or same-sex pairs of children under 16 are assumed to be able to share a room. In Leeds, the total of overcrowded homes represents 3.7 per cent of all homes. Across England, nearly one in 20 (4.4 per cent) - had fewer bedrooms than they needed for the number of occupants, the figures released by the Office for National Statistics show.

About 170,000 homes were very overcrowded, with at least two fewer bedrooms than they needed. The situation was better in Wales, with 2.2 per cent of homes having fewer bedrooms than they needed. Around 30,000 households were overcrowded and about 3,500 of these were very overcrowded with at least two fewer bedrooms than they needed. Here are the neighbourhoods of Leeds with the highest proportion of overcrowded homes, starting with the twelfth highest proportion and ending with the highest.