Trending interior designs (photo: Pixabay)Trending interior designs (photo: Pixabay)
Trending interior designs (photo: Pixabay)

Great eight ways to keep your home look on-trend

Home interior experts this week share their advice on how to enhance and restyle your home with current interior design trends.

Online Bedrooms Head of Marketing Nic Shacklock advises: “The best way to implement this season’s trends in your home is by picking out key pieces and styles that really suit the property you’re working with".

Soft furnishings: Purchase some velvet cushions in dark, vibrant colours to provide accents to newly painted walls. They will provide a touch of warmth and luxury and suit both living rooms and bedrooms.

Textured fronts: To tie into the broader rustic-chic trend of the past few years, introduce shaker-style doors, cupboard-fronts and panelling to kitchens and bathrooms. This modern-farmhouse style works particularly well in smaller homes, and is not exclusive to coastal or period properties.

Scandi tones: Working particularly effectively in smaller, more typically-crowded spaces, introduce natural tones in paint colours, artwork, blankets and tablecloths. This leans towards broader minimalist trends and creates a sense of calm.

Curves and arches: Moving away from previous harsh, geometric trends, introduce more curved furniture and mirrors into your home. Even something as simple as a new rounded armchair or dining table will create a soft, relaxing feeling that also remains trendy.

Statement lighting: Make a statement with artistic lighting options in the social spaces of your home by introducing cleverly-designed side lamps or hanging pieces. They will not only be functional, but also act as focal points to rooms.

Refresh your home office: With flexible and remote-working remaining popular, implementing more storage solutions and multifunctional furniture is a particularly valuable investment in smaller spaces. Calm, neutral colours work effortlessly in video call backgrounds too.

Bring great outdoors in: Since lockdown, homeowners have also increasingly enjoyed having more greenery in their living spaces, as well as using more natural materials like raffia, wood, and stone. Subtle accents on tables and sideboards with plants and earthy toned candles will help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bring in darker colours: For a bold and fresh change, switch wall colours to dark shades like deep greens, blues or indigo, which work particularly well in larger spaces. If not, black accents against a generally neutral colour scheme can create an aura of elegance and sophistication. An easy way to introduce bold, darker colours into a room is to highlight furniture pieces, like dark green doors on fitted wardrobes.

Nic continued: “As the seasons change, more people are tempted to refresh and redesign parts of their home. With some thoughtful planning and research, even a few simple colour switches and new pieces of furniture can really uplift a space. Be sure not to overlook texture too.

“If in doubt, go for trends which align with timeless styles such as monochromatic themes and introducing more greenery indoors.”