BRIQ’s best-selling hanging chair is an egg-stra special piece of furniture

With most of us having to spend more time at home over the past 18 months we’ve taken to making our homes and gardens as lovely as they can be and the egg chair has become a real home must-have.

Looking out on an evening enjoying a glass of wine sitting in the chair is just perfect.
Looking out on an evening enjoying a glass of wine sitting in the chair is just perfect.

For anyone looking to add that extra special piece of furniture to your front room, bedroom, or garden then look no further than BRIQ’s best-selling hanging egg-style chair.

After selling out pre-orders earlier this year, people quickly realised hanging chairs were the must-have item of 2020 with Aldi seeing 75,000 people queuing to buy their own and Mrs Hinch showing hers off on her Instagram stories.

BRIQ, the home and garden shop, have a selection of beautiful egg chairs for sale. We’ve been lucky enough to try out the grey hanging egg chair wicker hammock garden swing seat which retails for £279.

The egg chair has become a real must-have for homes and gardens.

Before receiving our new egg chair I knew exactly where it was going to sit in our garden. We are placed on a hill and to look out on an evening enjoying a glass of wine sitting in the chair just seemed perfect.

When your own egg chair arrives, make sure you’ve got sufficient space for the box - it is huge! So huge, that once we had put the chair up the kids used it as a castle for a few days!

The chair itself only took about 20 minutes to put together. It definitely needs two pairs of hands, so do keep that in mind. We didn’t really come into any problems. The instructions were clear and once you start putting it together the rest becomes clear.

The chair comes with cushions that come with ties to keep them in place. They are suitable for the outside weather, but I wouldn’t leave them out when the rain comes.

Sitting in the chair is as comfortable as it looks. You could quite happily sit in it all day. It does have a slight rock to it, but I don’t feel like it’s moving too much or that I am going to fall out. The height is great that even someone with longer legs would feel comfortable.

The quality and the finish of the BRIQ egg chair is fantastic. It is the perfect investment piece for anyone's garden and I can’t wait to spend more summers to come enjoying it.

I’ve since purchased a cover for my chair to save it from the bad weather. It also makes for a great hideout.

You can buy yours here.