Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin praises 'gorgeous' Leeds Greek takeaway that 'ticks every single box'

YouTube sensation Danny Malin was full of praise for a new Greek takeaway spot in Leeds, saying that it “tick every single box”.
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The Leeds resident took a trip to the recently opened Greek street food spot Pittafan on Roundhay Road in Oakwood for his YouTube channel Rate My Takeaway, which has built up a huge following in the years since Danny first started rating takeaways.

Danny introduced the recent episode saying he was going to Pittafan, adding: “At first I thought ‘did you say Peter Pan!?’”

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After Danny arrives he begins setting up his trusty fold-away chair and table, saying: “What a beautiful evening. I love it when it gets like this. The birds are chirping, the flowers are coming up, you get the fresh air in your lungs.”

Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin at Pittafan in Oakwood, Leeds. Photo: Rate My Takeaway/YouTubeRate My Takeaway's Danny Malin at Pittafan in Oakwood, Leeds. Photo: Rate My Takeaway/YouTube
Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin at Pittafan in Oakwood, Leeds. Photo: Rate My Takeaway/YouTube

There was a queue of people at the takeaway when Danny stepped in and it took a while before he was able to order the mixed grill for one – which was made up of pork gyros, chicken souvlaki, lamb kebab and lamb chops served with pitta breads, chip, tzatziki and mixed salad. After adding a piece of cake and water, the total came to £21.

After setting up outside (and inevitably having fans ask to have pictures taken) the food then arrives and Danny starts by dipping some chips into the tzatziki, saying: “I love the stuff. Proper freshens up your palette.”

He then has a bite of the skewered chicken, saying: “It’s cooked to perfection. That’s got a little crunch from the little burnt bits. It’s full of flavour and got a nice bit of seasoning to it.”

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He then has a helping of the lamb kebab, saying it smelt “full of peppers” and even had a hint of citrus. He says: “Oh my God. It’s ram packed with seasoning. As soon as you put it in your mouth it starts popping off all over the place.”

The salad offers a “nice freshness” to the feast, with Danny saying: “I never thought I’d say I love salad but when it’s with a mixed kebab like this, by heck is it nice.”

A bite of the lamb chop is met with a “wow”, before Danny tries the “soft, springy” pitta bread. He then moves on to the pork gyros, which again is met with an “Oh my God”, with Danny adding: “What I like about it is how it goes a bit crispy. That, with the sauce and the bread and a couple of chips in, is absolutely amazing. The flavour coming through, shaved off to a nice thickness, is absolutely bang on.”

Danny then moves on to the chocolate mouse cake which he ordered after it caught his eye. He then finds it’s a mousse “with a bit of sponge in”, that features a “nice rich chocolate with a bit of sponge”, adding: “I’m glad I tried a bit of mousse cake. I’ll come back for a bit of that.”

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He then sums up the meal and is full of praise for the platter, saying: “For me that is the sort of meal where I will come every day of the week to be honest. For me it’s ticked every single box. It’s a solid 10 out of 10 for me without a shadow of a doubt.”