Nine Leeds breweries and how you can support them as Kirkstall Brewery warns 'times are extra tough'

A Leeds brewery has called on customers to get behind local taprooms, as businesses feel the pinch in January.

Kirkstall Brewery warned that “times are extra tough in the beer world” as it urged people to support their favourite pubs and breweries. The brewery tweeted: “Many of your favourite places to eat, drink and be merry in won't survive without your support. If you're cutting back on alcohol, many pubs (including ours) stock a range of alternative options. If you're giving a plant-based diet a go - same story! When you support your local pubs and breweries, you're supporting the people there too, so let's look out for each other!”

The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has recently launched a brewery tracker and found there are 1,828 active brewers across the UK, as of January 1. There were 265 breweries in the North East region, which includes Yorkshire.

Here are the nine SIBA-member breweries in Leeds and Ilkley – and how you can support them.