Karen Wright: Sunshine on a plate for breakfast

Breakfast can be transformed even with little timeBreakfast can be transformed even with little time
Breakfast can be transformed even with little time
​How many times have we been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

​I must have been told or read this hundreds of times over the years and still I often skip it.

If I don’t skip it, I might just grab a slice of toast or a banana and eat it on the hoof.

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This last week I have been really trying to elevate my breakfast and make a decent meal of it, and you know what? It’s fantastic to sit down to a plate of delicious food.

It most definitely has made a difference to how I feel and I have not been ravenous by mid-morning.

I know some people are creatures of habit around breakfast and are happy to eat the same thing every day all year or, if they do have a change around, it’s with the seasons.

My husband John only eats cereal for breakfast: cornflakes in the summer and autumn; porridge in the winter and Weetabix in spring.

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I have never really got on board with cereal. I gravitate to savoury things so if there is breakfast on offer, say for example, in a hotel, I will always order a full English.

I wonder how many people cook a big breakfast in their own homes. I guess many people might at the weekend when there is a bit more time

to enjoy a leisurely start to the day.

Back to my efforts then. I have been having tasty things on a slice of toast.

Yesterday I toasted a crumpet and topped it with some creamy mushrooms with a bit of garlic in the mix.

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The day before that I made some mini bruschetta with tomatoes and a tiny bit of mozzarella, and today it was toast with a little cream cheese, roasted vine tomatoes, a couple of mushrooms, a poached egg and a few shavings of parmesan cheese. Sunshine on a plate!

All these breakfasts were cooked and on the plate in less than five minutes.

It’s shown me how easy it is to revamp breakfast and make a real statement about how the day is going to unfold.

I’m going to continue my effort to make breakfast fun and ring some more changes as I’d like to get some fruit involved too, and not just a single banana!

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