Karen Wright: ​Spontaneous trip to the Great British Bake Off: The Musical

​​​I have always been quite a spontaneous person but sometimes I even surprise myself! One afternoon last week I was sitting on the sofa scrolling through social media and I saw a post from Kim Joy, my friend from my time in the Great British Bake Off tent.
Karen with Howard Middleton of early Bake Off seriesKaren with Howard Middleton of early Bake Off series
Karen with Howard Middleton of early Bake Off series

She was asking me if I was going to an event in London that evening. The event in question was the press night of The Great British Bake Off: The Musical.

I told her that no I wasn’t going and then she said she had a spare ticket and would I like it? Thinking quickly, and doing a quick search for train times and prices, I figured out that if I got my skates on I could make it to London in time.

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I decided to go for it! I went and had a very quick shower, got dressed in some glad rags, packed my toothbrush and a change of clothes for travelling home the next day and off I went.

All in the space of a couple of hours. Kim Joy organised a hotel in Covent Garden and before I knew it I was sat on a train pulling out of Wakefield.

Once we arrived in Kings Cross we had to travel on the tube a few stops and in no time at all we found ourselves outside the Noel Coward theatre.

We were shown into the foyer, and we found ourselves in a hub of other Bake Off alumni and lots of famous faces from other shows on the TV. There were photographers everywhere and flashbulbs were popping all the time.

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The musical was very good indeed, the characters were all fictional but heavily based on bakers we all could recognise. The actors who played Paul and Prue were exceptional, with Paul even giving me a handshake at the after-show party.

Outside the theatre I bumped into Howard Middleton from one of the early series. He is a good friend of mine and we work together sometimes with an events company called Bake with a Legend.

He and I linked arms and walked together through the London streets to the afterparty.

What a party it was too! Drinks and canapés coming at you from all directions and the place was crowded with celebrities.

I absolutely loved it, an experience not to be missed and I will remember for ever. My advice would be if an opportunity presents itself, seize it and enjoy!