Where to buy affordable smoke grenades and cannons for photo shoots and weddings

When you are throwing the ultimate party or event and want colourful drama, there doesn’t have to be noisy fireworks
Want to wow without the noise and fuss of fireworks?Want to wow without the noise and fuss of fireworks?
Want to wow without the noise and fuss of fireworks?

A celebration without fireworks might be an unusual proposition from a Yorkshire firm that’s built its reputation around dramatic pyrotechnics.

But the team at Big Shotter Fireworks appreciates that the noise and smell of traditional fireworks might not be for every person, or every occasion.

If you are worried about noise pollution, want to be a considerate neighbour, or simply want something a little more subtle, then silent smoke grenades could be just what you are looking for.

What are they?

Also known as smoke flares, smoke bombs or smoke cannons, these grenades are bursts of coloured smoke which create dramatic swirls – they certainly help make an entrance.

They come in a huge array of colours too, making them perfect to team with your corporate logo, your bridal party colours or even your gender reveal party.

Best of all, they are totally silent, so they won’t upset anyone with a sensitive disposition or disturb neighbours or animals.

Everything you wanted to know about smoke grenadesEverything you wanted to know about smoke grenades
Everything you wanted to know about smoke grenades

What do they cost?

Unlike some pyrotechnic displays, these are eminently affordable, and all the more so this Spring. Smaller smoke grenades start from £3 per item, with large items costing £11. Colour combo packs are also available. And from April 1 until April 31 all smoke grenades from the Big Shotter Range (Small, Medium and Large) on the Big Shotter website are half price. Maybe it’s time to stock up for all your celebrations this year?

Big isn’t always better … a small, 30 second smoke grenade can add that touch of drama to your event or photo-shoot without costing the earth.

Can they be used safely?

Half price smoke grenade saleHalf price smoke grenade sale
Half price smoke grenade sale

They are designed to have no external flame and for the casing to stay relatively cool to the touch. Of course, common sense should apply and only use them according to the Manufacturer’s Instructions, and in a well-ventilated area, depending on the size of smoke grenade you purchase.

What else do I need to know?

Before deciding what size of smoke grenade, you need and whether it is suitable for your occasion, you need to speak to the team at Yorkshire firm Big Shotter Fireworks. You can use the chat option on the website, or give them a call to talk through exactly what you are looking for.

Javed Iqbal, from Big Shotter Fireworks, explained: “Our range of smoke bombs are commonly used for photo shoots, amateur filming, paintball, airsoft and wedding celebrations.

“They are non-toxic, CE tested and surpass all quality testing for the European market.”

Talk to the experts

To find out more about Big Shotter Fireworks and their superb range go to big-shotter-fireworks.co.uk.