Flares, famous hits and fabulous cast

The Osmonds - A New Musical at York Grand Opera HouseThe Osmonds - A New Musical at York Grand Opera House
The Osmonds - A New Musical at York Grand Opera House
As someone who didn’t grow up with The Osmonds, but often heard of them from my grandma, "Osmondmania" was brought back to life, not only for the ones who were there, but also for the people who weren’t.

With so many songs and such a complex story, it took nearly three hours to show the complete and complex life of this Mormon family, writes Thea Sharpe..

Under strict control of their father, their rise to fame is narrated by Jay Osmond.

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With support from their mother Olive, as well as their hard work driven father, the show shows how they grew from children (with a brilliant child cast) when they performed on The Andy Williams Show, to adults on the stage and TV, finally to The Donny and Marie Show, where cracks within the family started to show.

Even though this was a hard-hitting show, laughter was introduced with the frequent occurrence of Wendy, who wrote letters to Jay from being a schoolgirl up until becoming an adult.

A part at the end of the show, which everyone in the audience was rooting for, was not only touching but reminded everyone how important the Osmond fans are to the family group.

As the audience sang along and waved their hands in harmony to back to back Osmond songs, the cast were always full of energy and engaged the audience, as the real Osmond would have done in their live concerts.

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Each member of the audience could relate to each member of the cast, whether it be writing to a famous artist or having a strict parent, the play didn’t only just tell the story but related to its audience.

I can really see why people "loved them for a reason". With flares, famous hits and fabulous cast, The Osmonds - A New Musical is really a must-watch production.

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