Tortilla review, Trinity Kitchen Leeds - 'a 'naked burrito' is just a jazzier way of saying salad'

A permanent resident in Leeds's bustling Trinity Kitchen is burrito and taco restaurant Tortilla.

Sunday, 29th December 2019, 6:00 am
Tortilla in Trinity Kitchen.
Tortilla in Trinity Kitchen.

Described as 'Real Californian style Mexican', the London born eatery has 42 branches across the UK - with the Leeds branch being the only one in Yorkshire.

First impressions?

It's hard to miss Tortilla with it being the first outlet you spot as you walk into the Trinity Centre food court - it's also usually joined by large queues as it is so popular.

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A vegetarian 'naked burrito' from Tortilla in Trinity Kitchen.

I visited on a Sunday afternoon having worked up an appetite after a few hours of Christmas shopping.

I begrudged the large queue but was craving something relatively healthy but also stodgy to keep me going while I sourced those last few festive gifts.

There was at least 15 people in front of me when I joined the queue but all credit to the staff, they were really speedy and I must have been walking back to my table, burrito bowl in hand, within about 6 minutes.

What’s the menu like?

The menu focuses on burritos, tacos, salads, quesadilla and loaded nachos.

All start at the £5.80 range for a medium portion and £6.80 for a large.

The menu is served canteen style so you start off by picking the type of dish you want and then you start choosing your fillings.

You have a choice of two different types or rice, or lettuce if you'd rather, before you select your beans and meat/vegetarian option.

The choice of meat is chicken, pork, beef, steal or chorizo. Vegetarians can get jackfruit or peppers, onions and courgettes.

You then finish with any extras like a choice of salsa, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pickled onions.

Now onto the food

In an attempt to be "healthier" in the lead up to the Christmas gorge, I opted for a 'naked burrito' which is everything in the burrito but without the bread. It is just a jazzier way of saying 'a salad.'

In hindsight, this 'naked bowl' is no more healthy than a regular burrito given that I smothered it in cheese and sour cream so don't kid yourself and just get the burrito - everything is better when it is between bread.

I opted for the grilled peppers and courgette mix, mainly because you get guacamole if you opt for a vegetarian option - a whopping saving of 40p.

I went for a base of Mexican rice, black and pinto beans and topped with cheese, sour cream, guacamole and mild salsa.

Given that that is a rather large amount of food, you'll be unsurprising to learn it was very filling.

It was also absolutely delicious. The different flavours complimented each other perfectly and the spice was contrasted by the coolness of the sour cream and guacamole.

A note on the guacamole - this is the real deal. It is chunky, flavourful and clearly made fresh on that day. It was my favourite part of the meal.

Although I opted for a medium, it was a very hearty portion so unless you are ravenous there may not be room for dessert.

And the drinks?

Drinks wise you can opt for a soft drink or have a beer to wash down your burrito.

They sold beers like Corona, ciders such as Kopparberg as well as soft drinks like Spite, Cola and Fanta.

I just fancied a bottle of normal still water but had to make do with a sparking water from Harrogate Spring Water as it was all they had.

This cost £1.20.

How much was the bill? Was it value for money?

The total came to 7.00 for a very filling meal and a bottle of water.

I think this was totally reasonable for the hearty portion and the freshness of the food.

It is the perfect place for a Friday work lunch treat or a weekend 'cheap-ish' eat with some friends.

Next time though, I will just get the burrito.


Address: Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Shopping Centre, Albion Street, Leeds LS1 5AY

Telephone: 0113 234 6518

Opening hours:

Mon - Thur 11:00-21:00

Fri - Sat 11:00-22:00

Sun 11:00-19:00



Food /10

Value /10

Atmosphere /10

Service /10

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