MyLahore Leeds restaurant review - solid spice at a West Yorkshire institution

MyLahore seems to have become something of West Yorkshire culinary institution.

Friday, 24th January 2020, 6:00 am
MyLahore on Kirkstall Road.
MyLahore on Kirkstall Road.

Its eye-catching exterior at the former Leeds site in Burley Road had me wondering about it many a time, though even after its move to a glass-walled two-floor premises on Kirkstall Road nearby, I didn't get the opportunity to visit.

On their trip to Bradford this month, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stopped by the flagship restaurant, sending pictures of Kate pouring a lassi circulating the country. It seemed an actual Yorkshire resident had no more excuses to not visit, so a stop off at the Leeds branch around the corner from the Yorkshire Evening Post was in store.

First impressions?

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The Duchess of Cambridge at the flagship MyLahore in Bradford. Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.

It's Monday evening, and the bright, multi-coloured restaurant is doing very respectable business indeed. Looking around the spacious, comfortable ground floor room, diners look at home and at ease. I go in to wait for my dining companion, and am greeted quickly after a gent behind the kitchen counter spots me waiting for a matter of seconds and calls over another staff member.

The decor is warm and fun - for a place with different colours lining the walls, it's friendly but not garish - although my companion does compare it to a children's party.

Staff are attentive and for the most part quick to check up on us at suitable intervals.

What’s the menu like?

Expansive. Naturally enough for a place named in honour of the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab, curry features highly - and there are plenty of meat, fish and veggie options - but other 'fast food' staples such as burgers and even seafood, steaks and humble classics like lasagna get a look in.

Prices are reasonable and there are plenty of extras to choose from, too, as well as drinks such as milkshakes.

Now onto the food

We start with a vegetable samosa chaat and and fish pakoras, and order a raita too. The chaat - which for the uninitiated is a really tasty mix of ingredients such as chickpeas folded into yoghurt and often tamarind sauce, and in this case the crunchy addition of samosa, which gives it wodges of brilliant texture. The pakoras are also good, though weren't too special and, I felt, could do with an extra injection of flavour from somewhere.

For the mains, I have a classic: butter chicken. Boneless pieces of thigh are cooked in a creamy sauce made with tomatoes and, of course, butter. I ask for it hot - they give you an option of mild too - and the spice level was good, not overbearing, while the flavour was solid.

My friend goes for a vegetarian dish, chana karrahi, which is chickpeas cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and green chillies. He described this as "delectable and well-balanced".

We ordered a garlic naan each, which were strong and oily - just as I like. Portions are also good, I should say.

Room for dessert?

Sadly not, because there is a decent list of decadent sounding creations and 'old school' puddings such as jam roly poly, too.

And the drinks?

A Diet Pepsi for my pal, and for me, a mango lassi - a nicely balanced yoghurt-based drink which was neither too thick or thin, a must-try if you're into that.

How much was the bill? Was it value for money?

It came to £40.95, which we felt was reasonable given the starters and good portions. All round, a nice restaurant worthy of your evening.