The secret to removing hairline scratches from your car

No matter whether you buy a brand-new car or secondhand banger, it’s almost certain you’ll find a scratch or two on the bodywork. Unfortunately, even minor damage, like a few scratches, can make your car look unloved and reduce its resale value.
Car scratch and dent insurance from just £15 a month. Picture – supplied.Car scratch and dent insurance from just £15 a month. Picture – supplied.
Car scratch and dent insurance from just £15 a month. Picture – supplied.

Luckily, when you do find an unwanted scratch, there are some things you can do to remove the damage without the cost of hiring a professional.

However, while saving money with these DIY methods could do your wallet some good, they aren’t guaranteed to work. Taking your car to a qualified professional is the only way to guarantee scratches are removed and no additional damage occurs. And while this can be more expensive, options like scratch and dent insurance can help make professional assistance more affordable.

So, what are your options?

Polish your car

You can’t go too far wrong with a basic car polish, so this is usually a good place to start if you’re dealing with a hairline scratch. However, polishing your car is unlikely to remove the appearance of more significant scratches.

If you’re not sure if your car’s scratch classes as ‘minor’ or ‘hairline’, lightly run your finger over the damage. If you can’t feel the scratch, it’s minor.

Car scratch remover pen

Made for this exact purpose, car scratch remover pens (available online) contain resin, which, when applied to your car’s paintwork, should cover minor scratches, making them invisible.

However, these pens are designed only for hairline scratches and should not be applied to significant damage. Additionally, sometimes, these scratch remover pens can make the appearance of the scratch worse. So, take care if this is the route you choose.

Scratch repair fluid

Scratch repair fluid is a more substantial repair option that allows you to colour-match the paintwork of your car (this information is usually found in your manual) to the product.

Applying the scratch repair fluid should allow you to cover the damage seamlessly. However, you’ll need to follow the guidelines carefully to ensure a positive result.

Consider scratch and dent insurance

While these DIY hacks might seem attractive due to their low cost, they’re not always effective and could make the appearance of damage worse. That’s why hiring a SMART professional is always the preferred advice.

However, since repairing one minor scratch can cost up to £110 per repair (Checkatrade, May 2023), finances can get in the way of professional repairs. That’s where scratch and dent insurance could be the perfect solution.

Save More Money offers Scratch and Dent Insurance from just £15 per month, with the option of no excess. Not only does a scratch and dent insurance policy allow you to spread the cost over a 12-month period, making payments easier, but you’ll only have to make two claims to save a considerable amount of money.

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