10 things you said about..."Half of drivers want average speed cameras to enforce motorway limits"

Here is what our readers thought about average speed cameras enforcing 70mph speed limits.

Monday, 17th May 2021, 4:45 pm
Average cameras are already used in roadworks on motorways

Over half of Britain s drivers believe that average speed cameras should be used to enforce the 70mph speed limit on motorways, despite a similar number admitting to regularly breaking the limit.

The article split opinion, though it was clear that most of our readers disagreed with the suggestion.

Here are 10 things you said:

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Bob Stack - "The majority would prefer speed cameras scrapping and the speed limit raising to 80mph."

Stephen Sadler - "This is an excellent idea - cut speed and save lives."

Danny Foster - "Speed cameras on motorways cause more accidents that's why they had to remove them off the M62!"

Dylan Mattison - "No driver wants speed restrictions on a motorway - outside a school or in residential areas absolutely!"

Dean Kahunas - "Why has the Govt not given an 'opt in' and pay a fee to have your speed limit increased, based on driving/skills tests?"

Jonathan Grice - "Would rather see more cameras in built up areas."

Peter Campbell - "These days so many people drive 5 to 10mph UNDER the limit when cameras present it would cause chaos."

Nev Bassett - "My view is that speed isn't the problem. Poor driving, inappropriate speed for the conditions and driver aggression are the problems."

Paul Wright - "I think 80mph is a good speed for a motorway. Cars have moved on dramatically since the motorway speed was introduced in 1973."

Chris Norris - "The people who moan the loudest about breaking the arbitrary limits are usually the first to get caught."

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