The 9 best bubblies to get your relationship fizzing this Valentine’s Day

Put the sparkle in to this Valentine’s Day by treating your loved one (and yourself) to a bottle of the best bubbly out there.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 10:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 7:52 am
Frexinet Sparkling Rose.

From Champagnes to sparkling pinks, we’ve picked out our 9 favourite bottles of fizz to woo your lover content provided by Emily Roberts and Sam Blackburn.

1. M&S Champagne Delacourt Vintage BrutIf you think buying a supermarket home brand of champagne means you’ll just get some cheap plonk, you clearly haven’t tried Marks and Spencer’s Delacourt Vintage Brut.The high street retailer worked closely with one of the world’s top wine makers and winner of Champagne Cellar Master of the Year 2007, Elizabeth Sarcelet to create an affordable world-class fizz.This memorable wine is made from 100% chardonnay, using only the finest grapes of the region, creating a powerful, creamy champagne. The tongue will be delighted with flavoursof grilled nuts, buttered toast and a citrus tang to finish.But don’t just take our word for it – this Champagne has just won a Gold Medal in Tranche 1 of the 2019 International Wine Challenge.Make the most of this wine and pair it with smoked salmon to treat your loved one.ABV 12.5%, 750ml, £35.00 from Marks& Spencer.

2. Taittinger Brut Reserve NVFrom one of Champagne’s oldest cellars, comes the Taittinger Brut Reserve.Taittinger is one of the last great independent Champagne Houses that is still owned and managed by the family on the label. The hallmark of their fine champagnes is the high proportion of Chardonnay, which is key for producing elegant wines.The Brut Reserve is the Taittinger family’s signature cuvee. The delicately balanced fizz is known for its excellent quality all over the world. Incorporating 40% of Chardonnay, such ahigh proportion is rarely found in a non-vintage.Taking a sip you will be amazed at the depth and balance of the wine. The fizz creates a harmony on your tongue, with delicate hints of honey and fresh fruit. The lightness is perfectfor an aperitif.ABV 12.5%, 750ml, available in all major retail outlets and currently on offer at £29.95 from Champagne Direct

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Blewitt Springs Estate.

3. Freixenet Sparkling RoséTraditionally known as a romantic colour, the pink of this fantastic fizz is ideal for Valentine’s Day. The stunning bottle itself is enough to impress and sweep your loved one off their feet.This stand-out rosé is perfect for a romantic evening in. The rosé is the sibling to Frexienet’s widely successful Prosecco, and it certainly doesn’t let its family down. Frexienet have used their wine making expertise to great effect to bring you this stunning bottle of bubbly.Made from a delicate blend of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, which have been carefully selected from the finest Italian vineyards, the grapes are harvested during sunrise and softlypressed to capture the delicate rose tone. What could be more romantic than such a lovingly made fizz?The fruity taste pairs perfectly with shellfish and desserts. For extra romance, the rosé is available as part of a gift set that includes perfectly matched chocolate.ABV 10.8%, 750ml, £45.00 from Farrar and Tanner.

4. Winterling Sparkling RieslingGermany is not instantly thought of as being a wine producer, let alone for producing great sparkling wines. However, we have discovered this gem from Pfalz.Winterling has gone from strength to strength from their beginnings in a wine laboratory in 1982. From 1999 they were able to make wine using their own grapes, which lead to betterand better quality as they were in control.Coming from one of the most beautiful wine regions in Germany, the Winterling Sparkling Riesling can’t help but be beautiful. Made from 100% Riesling, this organic, refreshing andmouth-wateringly citrus fizz is very moreish.The crisp taste is a refreshing treat, with ripe lime flavours. It works in perfect partnership with a Thai meal to spice up your romance.ABV 12.5%, 750ml, £19.49 from the Fizz Company

Martini AstiA classical fizz to please all on Valentine’s Day. Martini Rossi is the leading Italian sparkling wine producer and never disappoints us. For over 150 the company has been passionate about crafting quality wine.Pioneers in the story of Italian wine, Martini have been creating new styles of sparkling wine for years. The wine making heritage is handed down from generation to generation. Sweet,smooth, intense and elegant, Asti stays a firm favourite in the Martini portfolio.Naturally sweet, the fizz tastes of grape juice, vine peaches, elderberry and sage. This combines to create a refreshing, sweet and fruity fizz that everyone loves.ABV 7.5%, 750ml, £8.75 at Morissons.

Solter Blanc de Blancs Extra BrutSekthaus Solter is widely recognised as one of the top producers of sparkling wine in Germany. Sekt is the country’s very own sparkling wine and a must-try for lovers of top-quality fizz.This bubbly is made in the traditional-method, with a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc from the Solter winery in Rheingau. This brilliant alternative to champagne is fantastic valuefor the high-quality fizz in the bottle.The fizz is refreshing and crisp, with flavours of light green apple and bright lemon. The juicy and mouth-watering flavour trails into lemon pith, finishing with a lovely warm flush. Justone sip is a journey of flavours.This flavour journey pairs perfect with seafood. So why not match it with another romantic staple, oysters?ABV 12.5%, 750ml, £17.55 from The Wine Barn.

Jenkyn Place

5. Blewitt Springs Estate Sparkling ShirazGiovanni Patritti was one of the first Italian immigrants to arrive in South Australia and luckily, he brought wine making expertise with him. The winery that bears his name hasbeen rated 5-Star by James Halliday’s Wine Companions. For five decades they have been making this wonderful sparkling Shiraz.This brilliantly priced fizzy red is certainly different, even though it is made in a similar way to Prosecco to maintain the pure fruit flavours. Made from 100% Shiraz, and at 13.5%, thisfizz certainly packs a punch. The Sparkling Shiraz is perfect if you want something different for your romantic night (or simply don’t have time to chill some wine).Expect strong blackcurrant and blackberry flavours as you drink this wonderfully distinct fizz.ABV 13.5%, 750ml, £14.99 from the Fizz Company.

6. Jenkyn Place Brut ReserveDid you know we actually produce top-notch sparkling wine in the UK? Jenkyn Place is found in North Hampshire, where the sheltered, chalky, south-facing slopes 100 metres above sealevel are the perfect place for growing sparkling wine grapes.The classic cuvee Brut Reserve is the newest member of the Jenkyn Place family and has been eagerly awaited. The young, fresh style has a Chardonnay led blend fizz is reminiscentof previous vintages.The Chardonnay-dominant flavour combines the steeliness of a young Cotes de Blancs with the tightrope acidity of the very best English fizz. The taste is pure and crisp, with a slighttang.Show your love by sharing this long-anticipated fizz with your lover. This Brut Reserve pairs perfectly with seafood canapés.ABV 11.84%, 750ml, £29.50 from Jenkyn Place

Lanson Rose Label Brut Rosé NVCreated in the 1950s, the Lanson Rosé is one of the first ever Rosé champagnes, as well as being one of the most popular.The enchanting blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes creates a delicate wine that will add that extra bit of romance to your Valentine’s night. The classy fizz has agorgeous pink tint and a sophisticated flavour that gives it its charm. The delicate colour is reflected in the scents of floral and soft red berry fruits.Drinking this fizz is a tender and long-lasting experience. The seductive flavour is a harmonious balance that alternates between roundness and freshness.ABV 12.5%, 750ml, available in all major retail outlets and currently on offer at £30 from Morrisons.