Enjoy these memories of the Arndale Centre in Cross Gates through the years.
Enjoy these memories of the Arndale Centre in Cross Gates through the years.

Memories of Arndale Centre in Cross Gates - the future of shopping in Leeds

It's the shopping centre which prides itself as being at the heart of the Leeds community in which it serves.

Friday, 18th September 2020, 6:00 am

When Cross Gates Arndale Centre first opened its doors to shoppers in September 1967 it was the first US-style indoor shopping mall in England. It took 18 months to build at a cost of £1.5m, the equivalent of around £25m in today’s money. Featuring established companies such as Hamilton & Bell, Clarks & Boots, the Centre offered plenty of quality and variety, with extra facilities such as coffee bars and restaurants making shopping stints longer and more pleasurable than ever before. Instead of having to fight their way through busy streets jammed with traffic and having to walk from one end of a city shopping centre to another to get what they wanted, suddenly the people of Cross Gates had everything within comfortable easy reach. With its modern, attractive design, ambient atmosphere and large variety of shops, the 60-unit Centre was an immediate hit with shoppers. Soon business was doing very well, with retailers competing with each other to gain a place within the luxurious new development, attracting over 15,000 people a week. Enjoy these photos showcasing the shopping experience it offered during the late 1960s through the 1970s and 1980s. READ MORE: 19 unseen photos of Crossgates through the years

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