Charming historic photos of Leeds Darley Street School

These charming photos provide a fascinating insight into life at a Leeds school.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 11:30 am
Enjoy these photos showcasing life at Darley Street School. PICS: Leeds Libraries,
Enjoy these photos showcasing life at Darley Street School. PICS: Leeds Libraries,

They showcase life inside the classroom as well as on the playground and during assembly at Darley Street School down the decades. The images reveal how great emphasis was put on discipline and learning by repetition. The school was based at Leylands, an area north of the city centre and west of Mabgate. They are published courtesy of photographic archive Leodis, which is run by Leeds Library & Information Service. They also run heritage blog The Secret Library Leeds, which provides a behind the scenes look at the Central Library and highlights from its special collections, including rare books hidden away in the stacks. READ MORE: Fantastic photos show life in Leeds during the 1910s LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook

A class of infants learning to build with toy bricks. The children are sitting at their desks, each with a small amount of bricks. The teacher, on the right, is wearing a blouse with 'leg-o-mutton' sleeves.
A class of children display their work. They have been making shapes and patterns by cutting cardboard. The walls are decorated with further examples.

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Girls and boys are seated two to a desk with two schoolmasters standing behind. The children are writing in their books, perhaps copying information from the chalk board.
Class of infant children having a lesson in paper folding. Each child has a folded paper boat on the desk.
Darley Street School playground full of boys, all indulging in some form of physical activity.
Children stand to attention in lines for an assembly in the Central Hall at Darley Street School, with teachers at the back.
Children pursuing their hobbies, which include chess, reading and sewing. A girl in the centre is nursing a doll. The girls are wearing boots with thick stockings.
Infant class having a lesson in bead-threading at Darley Street School. Each child has a dish of beads to work with.
A class of children about to have a craft lesson at Darley Street School. Each child has a small ball of clay to model with. There is a 'nature table' in front of the class.
Class of boys in school playground having a drill lesson, the fore-runner of physical education. Each boy has a weight in each hand, in the manner of regimental drill, movements would be made in syncronized fashion.
Class of girls having a drill lesson in the playground at Darley Street School. Each girl has a weight in each hand, rhythmic movements are made on command of the teacher.
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