Enjoy these photo memories of Hunslet in 2002. PIC: Mark Bickerdike

19 photo memories of Hunslet in 2002

It was a year in which the LS10 community came together to look after its own.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 6:00 am

A huge blaze at a factory on Midland Road in Hunslet forced the evacuation of nearby residents who took refuge at The Punch Clock run at the time by landlord Malcolm Simcoates. This was Hunslet in 2002, a year in which a well known face in the community joined striking firefighters on the picket line while the Supertram project was proving a talking point among locals. Elsewhere a primary school was celebrating Oftsed success while a group of firefighters were preparing to taking part in a sponsored strip night to raise funds for a hospice. This was all happening during 12 months in the life of Hunslet in 2002. Do you recognise anyone? READ MORE: 12 photo memories of Hunslet in 2006 LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook

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