Enjoy these photo memories of Wetherby in 1999. PIC: James Hardisty

16 photo memories of Wetherby in 1999

It was the year a sculpture was unveiled celebrating Wetherby's connections to the horse racing world.

Friday, 21st May 2021, 6:00 am

A garden sculpture in the shape of a figure riding a horse was enjoyed by motorists as they approached the A1 and A58 roundabout into the market town. The year was 1999 and the 'Millennium men' of Maustin Caravan Park revealed to their wives what they had shown the world while the market town was looking blooming marvellous in the spring thanks to a riot of colour. Enjoy these photos showcasing 12 months in the life of LS22. READ MORE: 21 unseen photos of Wetherby from the 1980s LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook

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