12 photos of Wakefield from the air during the 1970s

These photos provide a fascinating bird's eye view of Wakefield.

Monday, 16th November 2020, 8:36 am
Wakefield from the air. PIC: Peter Thacker
Wakefield from the air. PIC: Peter Thacker

They were taken by staff photographer Peter Thacker for the YEP's weekly Bird's Eye View feature which offered eagle eyed readers the chance to win cash prizes. That is why each photo features an 'X marks the spot' They were all taken in the early 1970s . READ MORE: Changing Leeds - Photos capture life in Morley during the 1990s

Central Wakefield in March 1973.
The approach road to the M1 at Durkar in DFecember 1969. The River Calder crosses the top of the photos from the left.

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Which landmarks can you spot from this photo of Wakefield town centre in February 1973?
May 1973 and this photo shows Market Street coming in from the right to join George Street, running up the centre of the photograph with the Denby Dale Road and Ings Road crossing at the roundabout.
This is the Dacre estate at Lupset pictured in February 1972.
The Dacre estate in Lupset near Snapethorpe Hospital in April 1972.
The Townley Road area of Lupset in March 1973.
The tiny Chantry Chapel adjacent to Kirkgate Bridge with Doncaster Road going off to the left and Barnsley traffic going out on Bridge Street in July 1973.
The Sherwood estate in Lupset pictured in May 1972.
The Lupset Park area in March 1973.
Westgate runs across the centre on the south side of the Cathedral with Westmorland Street coming in from the left as far as the Bull Ring. Pictured in August 1973.
The symmtrical Eastmoor estate on the Stanley side of Wakefield pictured in March 1972.
Radiating from the Bull Ring in the centre of Wakefield are Westmoreland Street (left), Marygate ((top right), Northgate (top left and continuing right) and Union Street (bottom) in September 1973.
The Normanton area of Wakefield in September 1972.