These are 10 of the ‘most haunted’ places in Leeds

The city of Leeds has a rich and varied past, with a multitude of buildings dating back to hundreds of years ago. As a result, it has its fair share of tales of spooky sightings and haunted histories.

Thursday, 5th March 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 5th March 2020, 6:00 am
Haunted places
Haunted places

If you’ve ever wondered if anywhere in Leeds houses any resident ghosts or a ghoulish past, then these are 10 allegedly haunted locations in and around the city. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Temple Newsam is said to have two famous resident ghosts. One is known as the Blue Lady who is said to have died two weeks after being robbed, and the second is the ghost of Phoebe Gray, a nursemaid at Temple Newsam who was murdered by a servant.
A security guard reported opening up the empty building one morning and hearing the sound of somebody exhaling sharply right behind him. It is rumoured to be the ghost of a former lecturer, who died in the building around 1920.

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The Abbey Inn boasts a ghoulish line-up which includes a grey lady, a phantom figure of Guy Fawkes and a mysterious cloaked spectre. The pub has seen its fair share of strange goings-on throughout its history.
Thackray Medical Museum was formerly the old Workhouse Building of St James’ Hospital, but people have reported the sound of footsteps, banging and knocking, and the sighting of a waving woman, and a man in a white coat.
Armley Mills was once one of the world’s largest woollen mills, but now stands as Leeds Industrial Museum. There have been reports of doors opening and shutting, sounds of a small child crying, and a figure of a woman wearing a black dress.
People have reported the sound of a piano playing mysteriously in the night, knocking and banging noises, and the sight of a woman roaming the theatre when performances are taking place.
The grounds of Kirkstall Abbey are said to be haunted by Mary, a woman who saw her husband commit a murder and then turned him into the authorities. Abbey House Museum is also thought to be haunted by the former Abbott of the Abbey.
Leeds Crown Court is said to have a resident ghost who wanders around the building and then suddenly disappears.
Temple Works is a Grade I listed former flax mill, which was built in 1840. It’s reported to have the ghost of a cat, alongside the spirit of a worker who roams around the old canteen building. There are also reported loud sounds and shuffling noises there.
As well as being said to be the oldest pub in Otley, the Black Bull Inn is also reputed to be haunted, with reports of heavy footsteps in the rooms above the bar, and of people having their faces stroked by unseen fingers.