Woman with cystic fibrosis labelled 'selfish git' after using disabled bay at Leeds St James's Hospital

The note left on Nicola Crampton's niece's car.The note left on Nicola Crampton's niece's car.
The note left on Nicola Crampton's niece's car.
A woman has hit back after her ill niece was called a 'selfish git' for parking in a disabled bay at Leeds St James's Hospital.

Nicola Crampton's niece returned to her car to find a note reading: "Blue badge bay selfish git!"

-> This is how long it takes to get a council house in different parts of LeedsNicola, who posted the note online, took the opportunity to remind people that not everyone's disability is visible.

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Her niece has cystic fibrosis and has been in hospital all week.

Her blue badge was clearly displayed and she only found the note when she was told she could leave the hospital for a few hours for a break.

-> Thomas Cook staff back legal action against travel firm in bid to recover wagesNicola wrote: "She parked in a blue badge bay as she is entitled to, this was outside St James's Hospital as she is receiving care for her serious illness.

"Whoever you were I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Very ashamed!

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"Remember not everybody shows or shows off their disabilities but you do not know what other people are going through or what care they are receiving.

"Just think on before you do this again you selfish person."

Nicola told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "We’re terribly upset, how could people be so nasty to her?

"It’s hurtful people are in this mind set. She’s lucky to be here with us."

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