Wakefield man, 28, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer thought he was 'invincible'

A 28-year-old has pleaded with other men not to ignore potential symptoms of testicular cancer after he was diagnosed after ignoring a lump for six months.
Kieran Snowden and girlfriend LaurenKieran Snowden and girlfriend Lauren
Kieran Snowden and girlfriend Lauren

Kieran Snowden had noticed something 'odd' about one of his testicles for a number of months before going to hospital but says he ignored it because he wasn't in pain.

The HGV driver from Wakefield said he foolishly maintained a 'stiff upper lip' over the matter and didn't worry because he thought he was invincible.

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When Kieran started feeling discomfort in his side last month he thought he had injured himself while out drinking with friends, so called in sick to work to rest up.

However, just one day later the pain had become agonising and his girlfriend Lauren Ganley, 24, a nurse, told him to go to hospital.

Despite being sent for an ultrasound and CT scan Kieran said he wasn't worried because he thought he probably had kidney stones or a cyst on his testicle.

However, the tests revealed a tumour and Kieran was told the devastating news that he has testicular cancer.

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He began chemotherapy last week but wants to tell his story now in a bid to help other men from suffering the same fate.

He said: “I think a lot of men struggle to speak up about these things and we’ve been brought up with the British stiff upper lip.

“I was incredibly healthy and I took care of myself which is why I couldn’t really understand the diagnosis, I felt untouchable but I wasn’t.

“This can affect anyone and I think we need to change our attitudes towards this discussion.

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“I think men need to talk about it and check every now and then while you’re in the shower - you might just save your life.“

He began feeling discomfort around two weeks ago in his side and with days it had become agonising and spread to his lower back.

“I didn’t want to go to hospital because I thought it was nothing and with everything going on with Covid I didn’t want to go unnecessarily.

“But my girlfriend is a nurse so she convinced me to go.“

Kieran admitted himself to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield on July 22, when he had multiple blood and urine tests, which failed to reveal the tumour.

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But after seeing a consultant who checked his sides and testicles, he immediately ordered an ultrasound and a CT scan, which resulted in the cancer diagnosis.

“When he told me it was so hard to take - I just couldn’t believe it. I thought he was talking to someone standing behind me cause it couldn’t have been me.

“I thought I was a different person. It almost felt traumatic, I just felt really vulnerable.“

Kieran was diagnosed with Stage 3 testicular cancer and will need to have his testicle removed.

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Doctors have allowed him to use a sperm bank in case he becomes infertile.

“This diagnosis has changed my perspective on life - I want to live it to the fullest, I want to travel, I want to enjoy myself.

“I didn’t expect my whole life to be turned upside down and yet here I am.

“This whole experience has been a massive wake-up call."

“I’m just thankful for the consultant who found it because he saved my life. I’m grateful to have had Lauren by my side through all of this. It helps that she’s seen this so many times so she knows how to keep me in good spirits.“

Kieran's friends and family have started a fundraising appeal to help him financially while he is unable to work. Over £7,000 has been donated so far.

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