This Leeds woman and her dog have achieved miracles

A three-legged dog has helped to transform the life of a Leeds woman who was crippled by life-threatening illnesses, but this year conquered the Great North Run.

By Sally Burton
Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 5:00 pm

Amanda Shaw from Yeadon became housebound after having to give up her job in 2015, due to brittle asthma, psoriatic arthritis and Addison’s Disease.

But after she and husband James adopted a 10-weeks old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross puppy from the Dogs’ Trust, her life picked up.

Amanda said:“I knew I needed a purpose. We felt the time was right to welcome a dog into our home.”

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Their new puppy had a broken leg, and he and Amanda bonded instantly.

“He sat on my lap and he was so loving, gentle and trusting. There was an immediate connection,” she added.

“Loneliness often takes over when you can’t work, but Lister turned out to be my lifeline.

“He had to go for short walks at first which got me out of the house and then our walks got longer, I met other dog walkers, joined a group, and I was asked to try jogging! It was incredible. I was talking to people, the exercise was doing me good and it was all because of Lister.”

Amanda, 39, is now able to work from home with Lister by her side. In July last year, Lister’s leg was amputated to free him from pain, but he recovered excellently.

With Amanda’s conditions now managed well, she signed up and completed this year’s Great North Run, to raise hundreds of pounds for Dogs Trust.

She added: “A dog is for life and Lister has given me my life back.

“I know we rescued him, but he rescued me too.”