Menopause supplements UK: 4 of the top menopause supplements 2023

Menopause supplements UK: 4 of the top menopause supplements 2023Menopause supplements UK: 4 of the top menopause supplements 2023
Menopause supplements UK: 4 of the top menopause supplements 2023
Neuaura is one of the most popular menopause supplements available check out the some of the best reviewed supplement

What are the best menopause products in the UK?

Recently, the awareness of menopause has exploded, with more and more women coming forward to share their stories and experiences. Celebrities like Anthea Turner, Lorraine Kelly, Davina McCall and the Loose Women are opening up and challenging the stigma.

No longer are topics such as hot flushes, mood swings and fatigue something that women only discuss in a quiet place with a trusted friend. Now they have transcended into one of the most talked about subjects by women across social media and your favourite magazines. There is also lots of information available on the NHS website here, and readers are recommended to seek GP advice.

These open discussions around menopause have not only destigmatised but emphasised the difficulties many women will go through in this natural but unpleasant phase of life. It’s no surprise that these women are now demanding solutions to help cope with menopause.

But along with the massive spike in demand, the market has seen a new wave of menopause supplements arriving on the scene.

These menopause supplements are specifically formulated to support your body through the extensive list of unwanted challenges during menopause, helping women get back to living their best lives.

This is great because women now have more options than ever. However, every woman’s menopause journey is unique and different, with the symptoms and severity varying sometimes dramatically from person to person. So, it can be even more confusing when it comes to choosing which menopause supplements are right for you.

This article will take a closer look at the difference between perimenopause and menopause. Showing you what to look for if you are looking for the perfect supplement to make the transition a little easier, no matter what stage you are at.

A quick look at some of the supplements for menopause:

Women across the UK often experience many similar symptoms when going through menopause. The Neuaura menopause supplement is applauded by customers through five-star ratings [JM1] and testimonials for providing much-needed support during even the most difficult parts of their journey and quickly. Neuaura has been seen in the Scotsman and the Manchester Evening News.

The Neuaura formula is a unique blend of root extracts and vitamins, which include Ashwagandha, Red Clover, Bacopa, Sage and essential vitamins. These ingredients are specifically designed and are said to balance hormones and support women through both perimenopause and menopause difficulties.

Neuaura only uses certified, high-quality ingredients, free from unwanted additives, bulkers, flavours, or colourings. The product is vegan-friendly, made using GMP standards and titanium dioxide-free capsules.

Unlike other brands, Neuaura specialises in menopause and menopause only. Creating exceptionally clean products for women and setting an example in the industry, becoming a true market leader.

Due to Neuaura’s industry-renowned reputation for creating exceptionally clean and effective products, we have selected them as one of our must-try menopause products of 2023.

This proacts also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the product for 30 days and decide if it is the right product for you.

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Clav is another brand that has been providing customers in the UK and Europe with various products that maximise bioavailability and results but in a sustainable fashion.

Their Clav meno power product has been created using a combination of natural plant substances, including root extracts, powders, and vitamins. Each ingredient has a carefully thought out and has a specific purpose aimed to help improve your menopause journey.

This product is vegan-friendly, free from lactose, gluten and non-GMO. The product is sustainable as it comes in a recyclable container and packaging.

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When it comes to finding a menopause product that caters for everyone, the Nutraleya HealthyWoman menopause product is a great choice. Not only have they delivered one of the most unique formulas on the market, but customers will also appreciate that it is 100% organic, halal and vegan friendly.

Using an extensive blend of vitamins, nutrients and herbal extracts that contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Targeting many of the common unwanted menopause effects in one easy-to-take capsule.

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Menopause can have a negative impact on many aspects of a woman’s life. However, one that is perhaps overlooked but just as important is low libido, and this is where wiggy comes in.

The Wiggy for her product is a stick sachet form which includes essential vitamins and minerals. These are all 100% natural and aim to support and keep happy levels of hormone activity, which in turn helps to maintain healthy levels of female drive and libido through the menopause struggles.

The product uses natural fruit flavourings, is vegan-friendly and is incredibly convenient as the sachet can be easily carried around for later use.

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How do you know if it is menopause?

With busy lives and our bodies constantly changing over the years, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact moment that menopause has begun. There is information available on the NHS website here. However, Perimenopause can begin up to several years before the menopause starts.

Perimenopause is kicked off by the drop in oestrogen in the body, as this is the primary female hormone produced by the ovaries. Woman still have their period during this time. However, this initial hormone shift can set off the chain of volatile oestrogen levels that go up and down and wreak havoc within the body. At this point, many women notice changes within their bodies.

As each woman’s menopause journey is unique, the perimenopause stage may last as little as a few months to as long as four years. Menopause officially starts after a woman has not had a period for a year.

Perimenopause Symptoms

As mentioned above, during perimenopause, women still have their period. However, they will notice changes beginning to happen. Below are some of the common changes experienced during this stage:

- Irregular menstrual cycles

- Menstrual cycles that are heavier or shorter than usual

- Breast tenderness

- Mood swings

- Difficulty sleeping and fatigue

- Night sweats

- Decreased libido

- Weight gain

- Heart palpitations

- Concentration issues

- Muscle aches and pains

Perimenopause symptom checker

When it comes to trying to pin down and noting all the changes happening, many women are still unsure of exactly what is happening to them, hence why many struggle with this transition—especially those who are going through the journey earlier than what’s often considered normal.

For women who find themselves in this position, it can be daunting. However, the best thing to do is listen to your body. After all, you know yourself better than anyone.

Quick and discrete options such as menopause symptom checkers are available online that are designed and created by industry experts, with the aim to provide some initial answers to the questions of many confused and unsure women who just want to understand what could potentially be going on.

Neuaura offers a very quick and comprehensive, free-to-use quiz that allows women to answer simple questions and get insight into what could be happening under the surface.

Why not take the quiz here

However, suppose you are experiencing any changes or confusion. In that case, it is important to also speak to a medical professional who will be able to provide you with the correct level of guidance and support during this phase.

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