Leeds woman on high risk coronavirus register is running virtual 5K

A cystic fibrosis suffer from Leeds who is on the  coronavirus high risk register is taking part in a virtual 5K fundraising run today during her 12-weeks of self-isolation.
Jessica SpoorJessica Spoor
Jessica Spoor

Jessica Spoor, of Chapel Allerton, who is waiting to hear if she will be considered for a life-saving double lung transplant, has enlisted 30 family and friends to take part in today's run (Saturday April 25)

Jessica, 31, is raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Care, a Yorkshire-based charity which is seeking to raise funds to provide Covid-19 grants for people with cystic fibrosis who are struggling financially during the crisis.

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Jessica, who was born with the genetic lung disease, enjoyed a full and active life until March 2018 when she started suffering from repeated chest infections which meant she had to leave her job in human resources at Asda in Morley.

She was a keen runner and gym-goer until her health deteriorated.

Jessica, who has regular oxygen therapy, is deemed not ill enough to go on the waiting list for a double lung transplant at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital.

She said her lung function is currently stable at 38 per cent and she does not believe she will be considered for the waiting list until it is consistently below 30 per cent.

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Jessica, who is assessed by doctors at the Freeman Hospital every six months, had to spend a week at St James's Hospital in Leeds over Christmas after her health deteriorated.

She said the St James's cystic fibrosis team successfully applied to drug company Vertex for her to be granted use of a new drug called Trikafta on compassionate grounds.

Jessica said the drug, which is available in America but is not yet licensed in the UK, is helping her to breathe more freely and has improved her energy levels since she started taking it in January.

Jessica said: "It has made a dramatic difference to my quality of life, which has improved ten-fold.

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"I have been doing a lot of exercise in isolation and I can see that I'm getting fitter.

"It is the first time I have been able to push myself since I started this drug.

"I did the Great North Run in 2009 when I was a lot healthier and it was an incredible achievement then for me.

"Since then Covid-19 has struck I have decided to take part in the Cystic Fibrosis Care virtual run along with many of my friends and family who want to help."

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Jessica rode an electric bike for a three-day fundraising 150-mile ride from from Whitehaven to Tynemouth last August.

Jessica and five friends raised around £8,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Care and the Newcastle Freeman Hospital Heart and Lung Transplant Association by completing the ride.

To sponsor Jessica for the 5k run or to donate, go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jess-spoor1