Leeds United mad seven-year-old who recovered from cancer sets out stall to give back to charity

A Leeds United mad seven-year-old who recovered from childhood cancer after being diagnosed aged just two has set out his stall to give back to the charities which helped save his life.

Friday, 20th August 2021, 4:45 am

Scott Summers, from Crossgates, was diagnosed with stage five bilatetal Nephroblastoma (aka Wilms Tumour) a rare childhood cancer back in late 2016.

His parents Sam and Scott said the news 'turned their world upside down' - with Scott bravely commencing chemotherapy just days after their wedding.

Scott's tumours were removed in a nine hour operation along with one of his kidneys and part of his remaining kidney.

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Seven-year-old Scott Summers has set up a charity stall outside his house in Cross Gates to raise money for Cancer charities, after suffering from the disease himself

Sam said chemotherapy was 'gruelling' for Scott and very difficult for his sister Alara - who is one year older - to cope with.

Scott was left confined to a wheel chair and medical buggy throughout treatment.

His chemotherapy ended in 2018 but celebrations were subdued after the family learnt he had two lifelong illnesses that produce cancerous cells - with surgeons warning of a relapse.

Scott suffers from Beckwidth Widemann Syndrome and Hemihypertrophy, two overgrowth genetic syndromes that means he has to have an extended tumour surveillance period due to the increased risk of relapse.

Seven-year-old Scott Summers has set up a charity stall outside his house in Cross Gates to raise money for Cancer charities, after suffering from the disease himself....Pictured with his parents Scott and Sam and sister Eight-year-old Alara

He has a curved spine, one leg longer than the other and also has hypermobility in his joints.

Despite all of the setbacks, proud mum Sam said Scott has 'defied all the odds' to learn to walk again and has since grown a passion for football and watching Leeds United with his dad.

Scott has now developed a passion for charity and helping those that helped to save his own life.

Together with his sister Alara, he has set up a stall outside his home in Cross Gates and is selling cakes and toys to raise money.

Scott Summers while he battled cancer as a child

Scott's mum Sam told the YEP their world "had been shattered" when he was diagnosed with cancer.

However, she said Scott is now making her whole family and everyone around them proud "by leading the way into raising much needed funds for childhood cancer".

Sam said: "Scott's become extremely passionate about raising money for the cause, at times its all he thinks and speaks about.

"He must be processing a lot of thoughts in his young mind about cancer as he often spontaneously says he doesn't want anyone else getting cancer and it makes him very upset the thought of cancer returning for himself.

"Funding for childhood cancer research is extremely vital."

Sam said Scott raises money for Bethanys Wish, and explained about the great work by the charity.

She said: "As a family we raised over £4,000 for Bethanys Wish while Scott was receiving chemotherapy.

"We received a lot of support from this wonderful charity which was founded by Angela Polanco, who tragically lost her little girl Bethany to Wilms Tumour, kidney cancer.

"Bethanys Wish provided Scott with bravery packs, giving him essential items such as blankets for hospital stays as well as toys for little treats to occupy his mind.

"Angela also provided us with personal help and support along the way which we will always be so grateful for. It was so important for us to give a little back to them.

"Bethanys Wish raises funds for research into children's kidney cancers in the hope of one day finding a cure and this is the charity Scott is continuing to raise vital funds for."

Scott is set to hold another stall selling cakes and toys on August 20.

Sam said: "Hopefully the community will really get behind it.

"The stall will be on the Limes estate, just off Manston Lane this Saturday from 1.30pm.

"Any donations of toys or cupcakes will be greatly appreciated."

After spotting a social media post about Scott's story, Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford sent him a personal video message last year.

Speaking at the time, Sam said Scott would treasure the video forever and thanked the player.

She added: "He absolutely loves Patrick Bamford, and wants to be "a main striker" just like him when hes older.

"Scott couldn't believe Patrick has taken the time to send him a video he's watched it over and over and beams with excitement.

"He's really made his year.

"We would like to thank him from the bottom of or hearts for the touching video that means so much to Scott."