Leeds-lead team to set up Kos hospital for child refugees

A Leeds-based doctor is leading a bid to create a pop-up hospital for child refugees arriving on a Greek island.

Friday, 19th February 2016, 11:01 pm

Dr Tim Ubhi, from Bramham, was inspired to help provide care for children in Kos as a result of the refugee crisis.

Dr Ubhi, who established an online health website called the Children’s e-Hospital, wanted to share his expertise as a paediatrician.

Volunteers have been working in Kos to provide care, and fundraising is now underway to enable a pop-up children’s hospital to be created.

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Dr Ubhi said: “There was a complete lack of paediatric support in Greece on these islands.

“We thought we could involve the e-Hospital and give them the support of paediatricians in the UK and advise people on the ground. Then I went out there and realised there was a much bigger problem and that was a huge humanitarian need.”

Since last year, fundraising has been underway while around 50 volunteers have been out to Kos.

“We want to get the pop-up hospital established so we can provide high-level paediatric support,” Dr Ubhi said. “It would be a high-dependency environment with mobile laboratory facilities.”

Visit www.e-hospital.co.uk/childrens-e-hospital-refugee-aid-programme for information or donate at https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/ehospital1. Currently they are also fundraising to set up a vaccination programme for refugee children entering Europe. Donate via https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/ehospital2.