Leeds daughter raising awareness of brain cancer symptoms after mum's terminal diagnosis

A devastated Leeds daughter is raising awareness of  the symptoms of brain cancer after her mum was diagnosed with three tumours and told her condition is terminal.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, 6:00 am
Jaqui Amor pictured with daughter Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett, 36, of Holt Park, said doctors have told her 58 year old mother Jacqui Amor that her tumours are inoperable and untreatable.

Mum of six Lisa said Jacqui had experienced occasional mild headaches for around six months from February 2020 and also suffered three falls during the same period.

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Jacqui Amor

She also started to suffer confusion and was taken to hospital by ambulance on July 30 after becoming distressed.

A scan showed she had three brain tumours and the family was told on August 16 that her her condition was terminal.

Lisa said her mum, who is known to friends as 'J', is being looked after at Copperfields complex needs care home in East End Park, Leeds.

Lisa said: "My mum has said she would like to make a difference to other people, because it is too late for her now. I just wanted to do that on mum's behalf.

Lisa Bennett

"I think it is important to raise awareness of brain tumours. We didn't know anything about them or any of the symptoms.

Lisa said: "She been having headaches for about six months, but they were very mild and she only had the odd one. She also had three falls in six months.

"The hospital did say the headaches and the falls were symptoms of tumours and that she would have had them for quite a while."

Speaking about when the family was told of the terminal diagnosis, Lisa said: "It was absolutely devastating. I stopped eating, drinking and sleeping. It was a harsh blow.

"Mum took it really hard and her mental health really has hit rock bottom.

"She has had mental health issues, but it was under control for 20 years, but this brought it all out."

Lisa - who was was due to marry her partner Stu Davison this August - said the couple are now planning a small ceremony once lockdown is over so her mum can be there.

Lisa is taking on the 10,000 steps a day challenge in February to raise cash for Brain Tumour Research.

And she has started a Facebook page called 'J's Campaign' to raise awareness.

Click here to go to the 'J's Campaign' Facebook page, which includes a link to Lisa's 10,000 steps a day challenge

The YEP reported last week how widow Joanne Coles, 41, of Garforth, is raising awareness of brain cancer after the death of 47-year-husband Matthew.

The father-of-two discovered he was terminally ill at the start of April 2020 and died on December 27.

Matthew's widow Joanne, 41, wants to make people aware of the early symptoms of brain cancer in the hope that lives may be saved.

Matthew - a development chemist at Rosemont Pharmaceuticals in Holbeck - had been suffering on and off headaches at the end of 2019, but was still working and did not think it was anything to worry about.

But during the last two weeks February 2020, he was suffering constant headaches.

On Saturday February 29, Joanne dialled 111 after Matthew was physically sick and he was taken to St James's Hospital by ambulance.

A scan revealed he had a tumour on his brain and in early March he underwent surgery at Leeds General Infirmary, when the majority of the tumour was removed.

But surgeons could not remove all of the tumour.

At the start of April, Matthew was told he had aggressive brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme and that it was terminal.