Halton Pharmacy manager of 33 years receives national Spotlight Award after saving patient

A pharmacy manager from Leeds has been recognised nationally after saving a patient found lying outside the building in Halton.

Nicole Tolkin, pharmacy manager at Halton Pharmacy Leeds, took home the Spotlight Award - the highest prize on offer - at the RoE awards.

The annual Recognition of Excellence Awards is organised by Training Matters, the UK’s only magazine for community pharmacy teams.

The RoE Awards focus on rewarding hard-working and dedicated individuals who passionately support their customers, patients, pharmacies and communities and make a difference to their mental and physical health and wellbeing on a daily basis.

Nicole Tolkin

Nicole was also named the winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award

She started working in pharmacy 33 years ago and now she is “helping to train the next generation of pharmacy technicians,” according to Pharm-Assist managing director, Ashley Cohen.

Nicole was heralded for her successful intervention with a patient found lying outside the pharmacy.

“He started to open up to me and tell me that he just wanted to die,” Nicole said.

"Once the ambulance came, the patient was taken into hospital and eventually went to rehab and is thought to be improving."

Nicole also belongs to the pharmacy group, Pharm-Assit (Healthcare), that took home the Pharmacy Team of the Year Award.

The team deals with a complex mix of work, including servicing 50 care homes and a contract with Leeds Hospice.

“On top of all of this we have been heavily involved with the Covid vaccination programme across a number of sites and provided almost 50,000 Covid vaccines whilst maintaining our services,” said Ashley.

Commenting on the RoE Awards, editor of Training Matters and Awards host Monica West said: “The Recognition of Excellence Awards is the only UK awards that celebrates hard working pharmacy staff, without the focus being on pharmacists.

"We think it is so important to reward the people who are fundamentally often the backbones of pharmacy teams.

"These individuals go above and beyond every single day, putting their communities before themselves.

"We think that’s certainly something to shout about.”