YEP reader view: 10 things you said about whether lockdown restrictions should be eased

Do our readers think it is the right time for lockdown restrictions to be eased?

Monday, 29th March 2021, 4:45 pm
Our readers gave us their opinion on lockdown restrictions being eased today.

After a long, difficult period over the past year, today the country saw lockdown restrictions eased in the first step towards returning to normality.

The rule of six has returned - meaning you are now able to see your friends and family outdoors in a group of six or two households. This means picnics in the parks or nibbles and a catch-up in your garden are allowed!

Despite this, some areas of Yorkshire have seen a rise in cases over the past week - however, this may be due to the children returning to school.

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We asked our readers whether they think now is the right time to begin easing lockdown restrictions - and this is what you said:

Jaimes Lewis Moran - "Nope, it isn’t the right time. Waiting an extra week or month can make all the difference."

Zaheem Zaz Mushtaq - "We’ll just get what we got last year, reopen the economy again for the summer and then lock us down again."

Paddy Flaherty - "Now. We are opening slowly and that is sensible. We have to get used to living with this virus."

Kyle Alexander - "Yes it’s the right time."

Dave Smith - "We’re gonna have to deal with getting on with life at some point, so now is the right time with summer approaching."

Mandy Simpson - "All we can do is keep hospital cases manageable. So we need to go steadily to keep things at bay."

Lesley Brown - "Is there ever going to be a right time? The only way we will know is when restrictions are lifted."

Paul Rowley - "Dont concentrate on cases the cases are bound to go up as they are massively testing kids in school."

Matty Julie - "Yes mental health is such a big problem."

Lisa Clee - "Yes 100 per cent."

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