Surge testing in Wakefield and Pontefract after rise in Delta variant cases

A person is tested for coronavirus (photo: PA Wire)A person is tested for coronavirus (photo: PA Wire)
A person is tested for coronavirus (photo: PA Wire)
NHS Test and Trace – in partnership with the local authority – is deploying additional testing and genomic sequencing in Wakefield and Pontefract areas.

Surge testing will begin on Thursday, June 24 in Wakefield North, Wakefield South, Wakefield East, Pontefract North and Pontefract South.

This is following the identification of a small number of confirmed cases of the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant.

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All the confirmed cases have been instructed to self-isolate and their contacts have been identified.

All adults aged 18 and over who live or work in these areas is strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 PCR test, whether they are showing symptoms or not.

Enhanced contact tracing will be used for individuals testing positive with a variant of concern - contact tracers look back over an extended period to determine the route of transmission.

By using PCR testing, positive results are sent for genomic sequencing at specialist laboratories, helping Covid cases with a variant of concern to be identified and then spread prevented.

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People with symptoms should book a free test online or over the phone to then go to a testing site or have a kit sent home.

People without symptopms should visit their local authority's website for more information.

People in this area should continue to make use of free twice-weekly rapid tests, commonly known as lateral flow devices, alongside the PCR test as part of surge testing.