Schoolgirl to perform live Instagram concert to raise money for life-saving NHS equipment

A young girl is performing a live Instagram concert in order to raise money for life-saving equipment for front line workers.

Thursday, 16th April 2020, 11:50 am
Ayla Wallace, known online as 'Button' pictured with her mum, Dani, dad Ben and her twin siblings. Photo provided by family

Seven-year-old Ayla Wallace, known online as 'Button', will perform a selection of songs chosen by the people who have donated to her fundraising campaign.

Her dad Ben Wallace, a huge Leeds United supporter, said: "She woke up yesterday saying she wanted to collect money in a jar for the NHS. She thought she could leave it in our front garden and people would just donate. Unfortunately, where we live I am pretty sure the jar would quickly empty.

"We suggested doing something online as would be easier to then donate the money to the NHS and she already has a few fans on Instagram as she is a bit of a mini eco-warrior.

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"Her first idea was to do some paintings and sell them online. However, we are self isolating as I may have contracted Covid-19 at work, so we thought posting things might be tricky.

"In the end we discussed it and came up with the concert idea."

Ben, an activities coordinator at a dementia care home, added: "She is only seven so very nervous and doing it live on Instagram.

"However she goes to a drama class and has performed on stage a few times including at the Dartford festival."

The family, who live in Kent, had set a target of £50 and asked people to donate £1 for each song.

However, they have been "stunned" by the reaction and raised a whopping £125 in less than 24 hours.

Ben, a Whites fan for almost 40 years, said: "We were only expecting people to donate a pound each so have been stunned by people's generosity.

"Button's really excited.. She said she was only expecting to get to £30."

The father-of-three added: "My wife Dani is really emotional and proud.

"She's a little bit nervous and a bit worried about her learning the songs and performing live.

"We're hoping people won't be expecting too much in terms of sound production and that kind of thing as she will just be using her karaoke microphone and obviously we will be filming on Dani's phone on Instagram.

"I know Button will try her best though. She is already practising."

To donate to Button's live Instagram concert and raise money for frontline equipment for key workers, visit her Go Fund Me page.