Petition to close schools amid coronavirus crisis reaches 8,000 signatures in Leeds

More than 8,000 people in Leeds have signed a petition to close schools in the UK, as cases of coronavirus surge.

By Abbey Maclure
Tuesday, 17th March 2020, 6:00 am

There have been a total of 1,543 positive tests for coronavirus in the UK, with 66 across Yorkshire, but the actual figure of those infected is likely to be far higher.

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Confirmed case of coronavirus at Leeds primary school claims school in message t...

A petition urging the government to close schools across the country has now been signed by 618,404 people and counting, including 8,306 in Leeds.

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The petition to close schools has been signed by 8,000 people in Leeds

The petition says: "We would like the government to at least consider closing schools/colleges down in the coming weeks or as soon as possible, in addition to taking necessary actions to prevent further spread.

"We would like the Government or Parliament to enforce this action due to the growing fear among parents and students that attend school.

"The ability to focus or concentrate is affected in addition to the growing fears of the coronavirus."

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said yesterday the issue of school closures was being kept "under review".

He said: "The scientific advice on schools is not only that closing schools has a significant impact on people's ability to work, including in key areas like the health service, but also if we get it wrong then children instead of going to school might stay with elderly grandparents and therefore increase the risk.

"But we keep this matter under review and it's something we are in constant discussion about, but we haven't changed the advice on schools today."