Leeds joins the nation in one final Clap for Carers to celebrate 72nd anniversary of NHS

The nation's appreciation of the NHS wasn't dampened by torrential rain showers this evening as Leeds joined the rest of the country in a celebratory Clap for Carers.

By Emma Ryan
Sunday, 5th July 2020, 7:03 pm

A final event had been arranged to mark today being the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

The banging of pots and pans rang around villages, suburbs and city apartment blocks along with claps and cheers to pay tribute to all those frontline and key workers who have helped save lives and keep the country moving over the last few months of the coronavirus pandemic.

It rounds off a weekend of celebrations to mark the anniversary in what has been described as "the most challenging in NHS history".

Staff at LGI step out for one last Clap for Carers earlier this evening.

Last night, people observed a minute's silent and lit candles in remembrance of those who have died during the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative follows the success of the weekly Clap for Carers, and it is hoped the applause will become an annual tradition.

Dr Phil Wood, the chief medical officer for Leeds said it was important to staff to feel that the public was behind the NHS.

He added: "It was really important for staff to feel that the public was supporting and understanding that the NHS had really adapted to caring for people with COVID."

Showing the love for the NHS in the 72nd anniversary Clap for Carers event.

The nationwide clap was organised following a letter from the Together coalition, in which influential figures including Sir Simon and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby voiced their support for making July 5 an official day of commemoration.

The comments come after unions representing more than 1.3 million nurses, cleaners, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, dieticians, radiographers, porters, midwives, paramedics and other NHS employees have written to the Chancellor and the Prime Minister calling for pay talks to start soon with regards rises in some NHS wages.