Coronavirus in Leeds LIVE: Jet2 cancel flights to mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands with immediate effect

Live updates on the coronavirus in Leeds and across the UK.

Saturday, 14th March 2020, 10:52 am
Live updates on the coronavirus in Leeds and across the UK.
Live updates on the coronavirus in Leeds and across the UK.

All the latest updates as UK government moves to 'delay' phase of tackling the spread of coronavirus.

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Leeds news LIVE: Latest on Coronavirus on Saturday, March 14

Last updated: Saturday, 14 March, 2020, 10:43

  • Jet2 cancel flights to mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands
  • Four Leeds women turned round mid-air on way to Benidorm after Coronavirus cancels flights
  • Can I get tested for Covid-19 in Leeds?
  • Mass gatherings to be banned across UK from next week
  • Newborn baby in England tests positive for coronavirus



Full story as all football is suspended until April

Leeds United facing at least three weeks off as EFL suspends programme over Coronavirus               Click here for full story      

Leeds United announce tickets update with Bayern Munich after legends game postponed

Leeds United have announced that tickets purchased for fixtures suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak will be valid for each rearranged game. Click here for latest update

Director of public health for Leeds answers YOUR questions about coronavirus

Leeds City Council's director of public health has only been in the job a few weeks - but faces a challenge that few could have predicted.  Victoria Eaton agreed to answer several key questions about Leeds' response to the coronavirus outbreak, and has addressed public concerns over infection control and containment. Click here to read up on the Q&A session

Five coronavirus scams and how to avoid them

Cyber crime experts claim that scams linked to coronavirus are the worst they have seen in years. Phishing scams in several languages, including English, Japanese, and Italian, have all been circulating online. Click here for five examples of Covid-19 based scams that have been detected by cyber crime security firms

The symptoms explained

Coronavirus testing near me: can I get tested for Covid-19 in Leeds?

Coronavirus cases in the UK are continuing to rise, so what’s the advice if you think you have it - and can you get tested in Leeds? Click here for latest advice

Mass gatherings to be banned in UK's fight against Covid-19

Plans are under way to ban mass gatherings from next week as the Government looks to implement more extreme measures in the fight against Covid-19. Boris Johnson had faced criticism for not taking such actions, despite similar steps being taken by other European countries as the pandemic worsens Emergency legislation bringing in beefed-up powers will be published next week and there could also be a move towards more people working from home, a Whitehall source said. The announcement comes as the UK deals with a rising number of cases of the illness, increasing to 798, and a death toll of 11.

Scientists close to developing coronavirus vaccine after tests on mice

A vaccine for the Covid-19 illness caused by the coronavirus is on the verge of being developed, a team of scientists has said. Researchers, led by Mucosal Infection and Immunity head Dr Robin Shattock, told the Daily Express they have successfully trialled the vaccine in mice and are hopeful it could be ready for human trials by June. Senior researcher Dr Paul McKay, of Imperial College London, told the paper: "I've got results from a month after I injected (the mice) and the vaccine works really, really well. The team is working with scientists in Paris to determine the vaccine's effectiveness in monkeys Dr McKay said they have applied for further funding from the Medical Research Council to conduct human clinical trials. "If we get the funding for the human clinical trials, we will put it into people by June," he said. "If British scientists here develop a vaccine it would be great if the Government supported it." Should the human trials be successful, the team is hopeful the vaccine will be available for patients in a year.

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