Boots in Leeds Trinity to offer drugs and make-up on Deliveroo

Boots has become the latest high street brand to sign up with Deliveroo to help customers who may have over-indulged on the food and drink delivery app the night before.

By Press Association
Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 11:45 am

The company launches a 14-store pilot in cities across the country from Monday, including London, Edinburgh and Nottingham initially, with plans to roll out in other areas if successful.

Around 400 products will be available to customers on Deliveroo, including pain relief, vitamins and plasters.

Other products will also include No7 products, make-up, sandwiches, snacks, toiletries and baby essentials, the company said.

Leeds Trinity Boots is one of the stores named as taking part in the pilot.

Leeds Trinity Boots is one of the stores named as taking part in the pilot.

Paula Bobbett, director of at Boots UK, said: “We are very excited about this new partnership with Deliveroo and have carefully selected over 400 products for its launch to help our customers get the things they need, when they need them.

“It will be super handy for times when you need something urgently but can’t leave the house, like if you’re feeling unwell or are looking after your kids.

“Our online business continues to grow and this partnership offers our customers a way to access our products quickly and easily.”

Boots saw a continued rise in online sales during successive lockdowns, including an 85% jump on the website between March 1 2020 and a year later.

Carlo Mocci, chief business officer for Deliveroo in the UK and Ireland, said: “This partnership will mean more choice and selection for our consumers, delivered in as little as 20 minutes, and will create more work for riders across the UK.”

Deliveroo has seen a huge expansion in its offerings during the pandemic, with high street stores keen to continue offering customers its products.

Several supermarkets are now on the platform and more high street names are signing up, although some in the industry have questioned the ability for brands to make a profit from the platform due to the high fees charged on each sale.

The 14 Boots stores offering services on Deliveroo are: Birmingham (High Street), Brighton (North Street), Cambridge (Petty Curry), Edinburgh (Princes Street), Leeds (Trinity), Liverpool (Clayton Square), London (Brent Cross, Croydon Whitgift Centre, Liverpool Street Station and Piccadilly Circus), Milton Keynes (Crown Walk), Newcastle (Eldon Square), Nottingham (Victoria Centre) and Southampton (Above Bar Street).