This 'lockdown painting' is the work of a Leeds schoolboy

The painting by Eoghan Thompson of LeedsThe painting by Eoghan Thompson of Leeds
The painting by Eoghan Thompson of Leeds
Stunning artwork recording an image from the Covid-19 pandemic has been produced by a Leeds schoolboy during lockdown.

Eoghan Thompson, a Year 10 pupil at Carr Manor Community School in Leeds, took inspiration from a photograph of his aunt and her colleague at work in the NHS Waterside Hospital in Derry City, Northern Ireland.

He re-created the iconic image of the two women as an oil painting.

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The two women, Deirdre Rigney, (Eoghan’s aunt) and Marian Ward, are pictured in their full scrubs on a COVD-19 ward in the middle of the pandemic.

Deirdre works with elderly patients and is a nurse on a dementia ward, but was moved to a COVID-19 ward to help nurse elderly patients with additional illnesses such as dementia.

Eoghan’s mum is thrilled with his efforts and although aware of his artistic talents, she never imagined Eoghan would work with colour and oils.

She said: “Eoghan has found enjoyment in painting during lockdown and it has helped him through a challenging time.

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“I knew he was artistic but this year he has grown in talent and ability beyond what I imagined.”

Eoghan’s art teacher at Carr Manor Community School has also encouraged him to continue painting.

The school is proud of Eoghan’s work, which features in its fortnightly newsletter distributed to parents and carers.

A spokesperson from the school said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic to see the efforts from all of our pupils during this difficult and unusual time.

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“We’ve been sent hundreds of photos showing what our pupils have been up to at home, in addition to their school work, from paintings to photos of bike ramps they’ve built!

“Their resilience and independence is inspiring and we’re so proud of how they’ve persevered during this difficult period of time.”