Should mobile phones be banned in schools? - YEP readers have their say

YEP readers had their say on whether they think mobile phones should be banned in schools.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 4:45 pm
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On Wednesday Gavin Williamson warned that mobile phones should be banned from schools as lockdown has affected children's "discipline and order".

The education secretary's comments caused debate amongst Leeds residents, but many were of the belief that children should just have to turn them off during lessons.

Here are what some of our readers said about the matter on our Facebook page:

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Alison Boogie Taylor - "No, but should be turned off during school hours... any emergenceies should go through school office."

Caz N Tabs Silcox - "Yes, they should hand them in at morning reg and given back at the end of the day."

Carol Brown - "They shouldn't be on whilst in school. My daughter has her phone so she can call me before and after school so I know she is safe."

Margaret Louise Fouracre - "Yes, I agree!! At least while lessons are given..."

Anji Rouse - "No. Lockdown has not affected all children's 'discipline and order'. Why punish them all for the few?"

Malcolm Pogue - "Yes, there is no need for kids to have phones in school time."

Guy Antony Moxon - "No they are an essential part of a child's safety when they need to contact parents in an emergency."

Stuart Brown - "How about parents just stop trying to contact kids during the school day?"

Pedro Chan Goes - "We managed in the 80s with 10p saved in the school bag for emergency calls."

Jabhar Khan - "As soon as you enter school building your reception should go off in all school boundaries."

Do you think they should be banned? How would you feel if you were unable to get in contact with your child during the school day?