Return to learn: Degrees at University Centre Leeds

If you think your commitments would stop you from studying for a degree – think again. University Centre Leeds could have the answer to help you study alongside work, family, health, sporting or other commitments.

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Friday, 1st April 2022, 3:20 pm
If you think you don’t have time to study for a degree – think again and come and talk to us

It doesn’t matter whether you have just left school or you’re looking to return to studying, UC Leeds offers education designed for those with busy lives. With the individual firmly placed at the centre of study, this personal approach to learning aims to enable more people to enjoy education.

The college-based university centre, which is part of the Luminate Education Group and has campuses in the city at Park Lane and Quarry Hill, plus provisions at Harrogate College and Keighley College, is a popular choice for students of all ages.

It offers regular face-to-face teaching, industry-standard facilities, education that is balanced around work and family life, and full and part-time study options, with personalised support for your particular circumstances.

It doesn’t matter whether you have just left school or you’re looking to return to studying, UC Leeds offers education designed for those with busy lives.

While that doesn’t mean you can pick and choose what days you study, it does mean that learning modules are designed to leave students more able to fit in studying around things like caring for a child or dependent, part-time working or athletic training.

What can you study?

Course areas include creative arts, business and leadership, computing, apprenticeships, engineering, law, science, teacher training, tourism and aviation, sports, professional courses, health and digital.

Validated by Luminate Education Group and the Open University, courses include undergraduate degrees, PGCEs and Masters, HNC/Ds, Higher Technical Qualifications and nationally recognised higher and degree apprenticeships.

Studying with other commitments

Staff at University Centre Leeds know that returning to education can feel like a big decision. But this is an establishment where students aren’t viewed as numbers on the admissions roll; UC Leeds celebrates the individual. Timetables are designed to help you balance your life with your education to ensure you get the most out of your learning.

If you’d like to learn more, you can find information, FAQs, and advice here

That’s what Ellie Joburns did. She has been studying law at UC Leeds, first on the Foundation Year course and then progressing to the Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons), for the past three years.

Ellie landed a role at Barnsley College as a Student Engagement Officer, and is now balancing her new job, which started in October, with her continuing studies.

She explains: “I work on the days I have off university and study on evenings, breaks, just any chance I get really. It sounds a lot but little bits of study, regularly, makes it easier.

Ellie said her experiences at UC Leeds helped her both to get the job, and to combine working and studying.

“I used experiences I have from being a student rep and a student ambassador as talking points during my interview. Without the opportunities I’ve been given at UC Leeds I don’t believe I would have landed this role while still studying,” she said. “I love studying at UC Leeds, the small cohort appeals to me as it allows me to develop a bond with teachers. And engaging with them helps me develop my ideas and understanding, enhancing my learning experience.”

Tutor for HE and Professional Studies at UC Leeds, Carlie Lowe, said: “The ethos at UC Leeds upholds a student-centred approach, where we not only provide academic and pastoral support, but also support for students’ individual needs, wants and aspirations.”

Dacosta Owusu’s said: “I achieved my BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science despite having three children, work and school. I must say that University Centre Leeds has the facilities, lecturers and a well-structured academic system to improve the well-being of every individual, irrespective of their background.”

Learning for individuals, not numbers

UC Leeds’ award-winning approach to learning is different and it's helped students find success in a number of career paths, including those in STEM. They offer an individualised and inclusive learning experience with small class sizes, regular face-to-face tutorials and progressive personal and academic development.

UC Leeds believe that learning should be considerate of different minds and needs, and that all students should have access to face-to-face learning, 1:1 tutorials, personal development and creative learning. Small class sizes and an approach to learning that considers the external commitments of the individual, ensure students achieve their potential, with past students finding success across several industries, including STEM.

If you want to find out more about UC Leeds, the courses on offer for 2022/23 and any forthcoming events, visit the website here