Chuckling children tickle the nation's funny bone

The search has been on to find the funniest schoolkids in the land … and now the search is over!

Voyager year 5 class from Whitehill Junior School in Hitchin has been crowned the nation’s funniest with their “What do you call a class of children who eat potatoes using their toes? The Mash Street Kids!” joke.

Beano is helping spread smiles and tickle funny bones across the nation by unveiling a giant joke billboard in the winning town.

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Top ten funniest jokes for this year have also been revealed, all in their recent comic.

The annual initiative, created in partnership with children and young people’s mental health charity YoungMinds, is now in its fourth year.

The Mash Street Kids joke snatched the top spot with more than 85,000 votes from the UK public.

The annual Beano competition, currently in its fourth year, challenges kids across the country to find their funny bones and submit their best quips in hope of securing the title as Britain’s Funniest Class 2022.

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The competition was fierce this year with hilarious jokes coming in from across the nation and a total of ten witty schools were shortlisted by Beano’s gag masters and Head Judge comedian Suzi Ruffell.

The top ten jokes, all true Beano-esque funnies, are as follows classified by joke, school and area ...

1 What do you call a class of children who eat potatoes using their toes?! The Mash Street Kids! – Whitehill Junior School, Hitchin

2 Doctor: I'm afraid that we need to remove your whole spine. Patient: But why? Doctor: Because it's really holding you back – ESMS Junior School, Edinburgh

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3 Why did the bottom go to the doctor? Because he had a fart-attack! – Sprotbrough Orchard Infant School, Doncaster

4 Why did the white board have nothing to do? Because it was blank – Llandaff City C/W Primary School, Cardiff

5 What do you call an emergency service sheep? A lambulance driver – William Ransom Primary School, Hitchin

6 What do you call a monkey on a rollercoaster? A chimpanzeeeeeeeek! – Elvington Church of England Primary School, York

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7 What is the best dinosaur to play football with? A Tyranno-score-us Rex – SS Peter and Paul RC School, Birmingham

8 Why is Bruno [from Encanto] never surprised by anything? He saw it coming! – Robinswood Primary Academy, Gloucester

9 The Pacific Ocean is about 11,000 KM deep. But that's not very pacific! – Great Easton Primary School, Dunmow

10 Why does Gnasher use so many conjunctions? He just loves buts! – Hanbury Primary School, West Bromwich

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Whitehill Junior School were presented with their official Beano Britain’s Funniest Class trophy, alongside a bundle of goodies, by the comic's writer Danny Pearson.

Beano Studios Director of Mischief Mike Stirling said: “Now in its fourth year, Britain’s Funniest Class gets kids reading, creating and laughing in classrooms all over the UK. At Beano, we've always said our greatest gags come from kids ... and Whitehill has proved this again.”

Whitehill Junior Headteacher Steve Mills said: “The children had amazing fun creating their joke and, for them to be immortalised on a billboard and the Beano comic, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The comic featuring Britain’s Funniest Class and shortlisted jokes is on sale now. Find out more at site.

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