Children’s novel which took 16 years to write is finally published

Author Bronwyn with her great nephew SamAuthor Bronwyn with her great nephew Sam
Author Bronwyn with her great nephew Sam
A former police inspector has published her first novel for children – 16 years after she first had the idea for the plot.

Bronwyn Harrison, 76, who lives in Kirkhamgate, was a police officer for 30 years until ill health forced her retirement in 1998.

While still a serving officer she undertook a full-time degree in economic and social history at York University and went on to complete a masters research degree in the force’s cautioning policy

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She said: “In 2008, for my 60th birthday I was given a book by historical novelist Phillipa Gregory. This re ignited my love of history and I went on to read another of Gregory’s novels about the slave trade in Bristol – A Respectable Trade.”

Author Bronwyn Harrison.Author Bronwyn Harrison.
Author Bronwyn Harrison.

Bronwyn had always promised herself she would write a book and decided she would use the slave trade as the backdrop. She began to carry out the research but progress was slow.

It wasn’t until the pandemic that her writing gained momentum and she spent the next two years crafting the story of Sam Castle (named after her great-nephew) who is the hero of Lost at Sea.

She said: "The story is for older children and it takes in the themes of kindness and working together as Sam and the two boys he meets on his travels battle to get back home."

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With no experience of publishing it was pure luck that led Bronwyn to cross paths with independent publisher Emma Hardcastle of Curious Cat Books who agreed to take on the editing and publishing.

Bronwyn added: “I’d like to thank my family and Kirkhamgate Women’s Institute who have all been wonderfully supportive to me.”

Bronwyn niece Rebecca designed the cover and the book was published in November 2023. It is available on Amazon priced at £8.99 and Darling Reads in Horbury.

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