Yorkshire property solution helps buyers and sellers

A Yorkshire property expert has hit on a solution to help people struggling to get on the property ladder while at the same time offering house sellers additional buyers who simply wouldn't be available through an estate agent.

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Friday, 20th September 2019, 10:01 am
Mr Laurie says there is a huge pool of potential buyers with the income and credit rating high enough to obtain a mortgage

Trying to raise enough money for a deposit on a home is one of the biggest headaches for first time buyers.

Equally for sellers eager to get their property sold, finding a buyer who’s ready to move without being stuck in a chain can be a real challenge.

But according to property expert John Laurie of First Time Buyers Solutions there is a ready-made solution that could be of great benefit to these buyers and sellers.

John Granahan

First Time Buyer Solutions specialise in getting people with little or no deposit, who therefore wouldn't be available through an estate agent, into a position to buy.

His business is bringing buyers and sellers together and using a tried and tested method that opens the door to successful sales.

Mr Laurie says there is a huge pool of potential buyers with the income and credit rating high enough to obtain a mortgage, but because they are paying large amounts in rent every month, they are finding it impossible to save for the deposit they need.

“It’s a frustrating situation for a lot of young people in Yorkshire who are keen to buy their first home, and who have the income and the credit rating for a mortgage.

“But because they have been renting a home, they have ended up paying large amounts every month in rent and haven’t had a chance to save for the deposit they need.

“It is a vicious circle that means they can be stuck for years in a rental trap – ironically paying more in rent every month than it would cost for a mortgage.”

First Time Buyer Solutions steps in by working with sellers and buyers to pave the way for the sale to take place.

According to John, properties which may have stalled on the market with traditional estate agents can attract huge interest once they are marketed through First Time Buyers Solutions.

“There are a lot of potential buyers out there who are looking for a solution to this problem – just as there are people looking to sell their home quickly and who don’t want to ‘give it away’ at an auction or to a 'quick sale' type company.

“We step in so they can move on with their lives, and their house can then be offered to this huge market of people looking for their first home.”

There’s an added benefit for sellers too: First Time Buyers Solutions cuts out the need for them to pay expensive estate agent and legal fees.

Mr Laurie added: “We have taken on properties that have struggled to sell through a traditional estate agent. But once we’ve posted the details among our potential buyers, those same houses have attracted over 100 enquiries and more importantly a sale.”

John Granahan is one such customer. His house in Colmore Street, Wortley, Leeds, had been on the market for over six months, through two different estate agents, but failed to sell for the asking price of £122,500.

After getting in touch with First Time Buyers Solutions he was able to sell it in one day, for £120,000, and in his 5-star review on Trustpilot, Mr Granahan said: “John contacted me and he was absolutely fantastic throughout, supportive, professional and patient as I had no idea about buying and selling. John helped guide me every step of the way, kept me and took so much stress off my shoulders.”

The system operated by First Time Buyers Solutions has helped property hunters across West and South Yorkshire and provided scores of sellers with the sale they want at a price they’re happy with.

To find out more – whether you’re a buyer seeking a first-time property, or want to sell your home – visit www.firstimebuyersolutions.co.uk