Popular plant shop expands with Leeds Trinity pop-up

The Plant Point has opened a new pop-up store specialising in its much-loved handmade terrariums.

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Friday, 19th November 2021, 9:09 am
The Plant Point has opened a new pop-up store in Trinity Leeds specialising in its much-loved handmade terrariums.
The Plant Point has opened a new pop-up store in Trinity Leeds specialising in its much-loved handmade terrariums.

The family-run shop opened its doors this month on the ground floor of Trinity Leeds shopping centre. Glas by The Plant Point is the sister store to the existing shops in Leeds, Harrogate and Ilkley and it’s already causing a stir.

“The reaction has been brilliant,” says owner Sonia Pounder, 36, who co-founded the shops with sister Ada, 35.

“People tend to visit our other shops because they are already plant fans and they know what we sell, but we’re getting a lot more passersby stopping off to check out what we’ve got at the new store.

“Everyone from little children to grandparents have been fascinated by the terrariums as well as our incredible plants, which include a 6ft banana palm and several enormous cheese plants.”

The stunning indoor miniature gardens confined within a glass container come in a range of sizes and shapes. They are all handmade by Ada and the pair’s aunt, Lidia, making them the perfect, unique and independent gift for Christmas.

Having opened the first The Plant Point branch in 2018, the sisters have weathered the storms of Brexit and Covid to go from strength to strength. Their online shop saw huge success from the first lockdown onwards and Sonia says their products brought a much-needed element of mindfulness to homes across the UK.

“We realised that many people found refuge in caring for plants at home during that time,” she explains. “For some, it was a reason to get up in the morning and that gave us such a huge sense of achievement.

Inside the new pop-up shop at Trinity

“We were hesitant about moving online when the pandemic first started but we did it because people wanted to fill their houses with something different and special.

“It sounds corny, but it really made us realise how much impact our plants have on people’s lives. People come in all the time and tell us how happy it makes them that they keep this plant alive, and that makes our job so satisfying.

If the pop-up store is a success, Sonia and Ada are hopeful it will lead to a permanent residency in the shopping centre, bringing a little green into the heart of Leeds.

“It’s so fun being in the new shop and seeing people getting so excited about what we are selling,” Sonia adds.

Step into the wonderful world of plants at this new pop up shop

“The addition of our 10ft-high real Christmas tree has also been stopping shoppers in their tracks.”

To find out more, visit our website here or head to the ground floor of Trinity Leeds near the Briggate entrance to check out the stunning selection of plants and gifts, including their unique handmade wreaths.